Here’s How Electric Car Companies Are Going Mainstream

Here's How Electric Car Companies Are Going Mainstream

For decades, news about electric cars has made headlines. Over the past few years, the notion of the electric vehicle has transitioned from a hope and dream, into a reality. While there is still plenty of growth and acceptance that must occur for the electric revolution to be truly complete, multiple automobile companies are making progress.

We’ve seen a huge shift in the public consciousness surrounding electric vehicles in the past five years. What has changed? As it turns out, quite a few things have changed. Below, let’s review how electric car companies are pushing their latest products into the mainstream.

Rapid Advancements in Battery Technology

Rapid advancements in battery capacity and technology have made efficient vehicles possible and are arguably the biggest reason behind the surge of electric vehicles on the market. With a variety of line-ups on the market that provide an equivalent range to that of traditional automobiles, comparable power, and easy charging, more people are willing to give electric cars a second look.

Without such advancements in battery technology, electric cars would be destined to remain a niche. However, with even greater advances being planned by companies such as Tesla at their Gigafactory, the limitations surrounding power storage and consumption are no longer an issue.

A Culture All Its Own

To convince people to shed their traditional gas-driven automobiles in favor of something new, a lot of misconceptions must be shattered. Additionally, providing easy amenities and more convenient ways to “refuel” electric vehicles while on the road is an absolute must.

As electric car companies and owners alike continue to grow in number, an electric car culture is beginning to emerge. As reported by, electric car companies are transforming their charging stations into full-fledged pit stops complete with food and coffee. Electric car clubs are popping up all across the country. Furthermore, traditional auto companies are finding new ways to make their electric vehicles more exciting and inspiring to the masses.

Improved Aesthetics and Design

In previous years, electric and hybrid vehicles alike suffered from an aesthetic problem. Namely, many people considered them to be ugly, underpowered boxes that weren’t fun to drive. Contrast that with the changes in recent years by makers, such as Nissan and Tesla. They offer stylish, sleek alternatives to the combustible engine.

Such changes are now possible by excellent design teams, advances in automotive technology, and feedback from the public-at-large. As a result, a variety of stylish and sleek electric vehicles are to hit the roads, changing hearts and minds in the process.

Acceptance from Traditional Makers

The electric revolution may have been born when alternative companies began tinkering with the possibilities of the future. So, the mainstream automakers are now embracing the changes as well. Take, for instance, GM’s promise to offer more than 20 electric vehicle models by 2023.

The nature of the economy changes with regards to energy and battery consumption. As a result, automakers have embraced the reality that electric vehicles are now cost-efficient. As such, the largest auto companies in the world are embracing a future where EVs will become mainstream.

These changes have been a long time coming. But the energy revolution in the automotive sector is now knocking on the world’s door. With more and more advancements, the roll-out of electric vehicles will only speed up and adoption will continue to accelerate at a rapid rate.

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