Some Helpful Tips for Selling a Car Online

Some Helpful Tips for Selling a Car Online

Selling a car online might sound like a risky concept, but it is actually a good way to ensure you are getting top dollar for your car. When selling your vehicle online, you have the option of selling on general websites like Craigslist and eBay or even on auto specific sites. No matter what you choose, you can easily get a best bang for your buck if you follow the tips highlighted here:

Get the details

You need to know all pertinent information about the vehicle such as its model, make, year and VIN. You should also know if the car has any outstanding recalls because some of the car’s value has to be shaved off if they do exist.

Make the vehicle presentable

Your car needs to be spotless and clean inside and out before you take any pictures for posting online. Buyers will be deterred from buying if it is a dirty mess, even if its true condition is exemplary. Your sale price can also be affected so it should be detailed properly.

Create a compelling description

Here you need to be creative, but don’t leave anything out. Provide as much detail as you can about your vehicle. You can also share your personal experience with the car and discuss your favorite aspects. If you live in UAE, you can log on to and get professional help in describing the best aspects of your car. They can be very helpful. They can also be helpful for vehicle registration renewal.

Take lots of photographs

There are never too many pictures when selling a car online because they are the tools you need to sell it. Show the exterior and interior both and don’t try to cover up any imperfections or flaws. Highlight the good features, but be honest about the downsides too.

Go with a video ad

You can take your ad beyond photos and make a video ad of your vehicle. Show off your car in action and talk about it to add to the description you have already provided. This seems more realistic than pictures.

Talk to potential buyers

Every email, text or call should be answered promptly and with courtesy and patience. You are responsible for providing the customer with a good experience and your response can also impact the sale price.

Set the right price

Even when you are selling a car online, there is going to be some negotiation. If you are open to it, it is a good idea to price the car a little above than what you hope to get for it. In case you don’t want to haggle, specify it in the ad and make sure it is reasonable.

Keep the paperwork ready

The registration, title and maintenance records should be kept ready. You don’t know when you might find a buyer so you need to be prepared.

Vet possible buyers thoroughly

Selling a car online is not without risks; you don’t know what kind of people will get in touch with you. It is best to vet every candidate thoroughly before you meet up with anyone and always trust your instincts. Meet in a public place to ensure safety.

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