4 Things to Consider When Hiring A Professional Cleaning Service

4 Things to Consider When Hiring A Professional Cleaning Service

When you run a business, it is essential to keep the office clean and tidy at all times. After all, if there are clients regularly visiting your office, then the last thing you need is for them to look at an untidy office and have a negative impression about you. In addition, a clean office will also boost the morale of the employees. And the best way to keep your office clean is to outsource it to a professional cleaning service. But make sure to keep the following four tips in mind before you hire them.

Services Provided

One of the first things to look out for is the services being offered by the cleaning company. Usually, such services will include things like dusting, vacuuming, washing, and so on. In addition to these, check out the types of cleaning offered, like power washing, touchpoint cleaning, and so on. For example, if the exterior of your building often attracts dirt that clings on to the surface tightly, then a simple cleaning won’t do. In such situations, you will need power washing, which will apply a high-pressure jet of water to the surface, loosening the dirt and cleaning the surface. As such, you will have to double check whether the cleaning service offers power washing or not.

Green Cleaning

If your business already has environment-friendly working processes, you will also have to look at whether the cleaning company offers green cleaning. This essentially means that the company employs cleaning practices that are considered to cause the least harm to the environment while not compromising on the quality of cleaning. Such practices will entail the use of eco-friendly cleaning products, disposal of waste in accordance with environmental regulations, equipment that causes the least noise pollution, and so on. Be sure to check with the service as to whether they implement such or not.

Cleaning Schedule

Another factor to consider is the cleaning schedule. Make sure that the cleaning services will work as per the schedule you set.  This will ensure that you are able to get your office clean exactly as per your time requirements. Now, if this is not possible, then the next best thing is to talk with the service provider and come up with a schedule that you both mutually agree on. You may have to adjust your business schedule in this scenario, but if the service is good, then you won’t have any issues with them.


Check whether the cleaning company is certified in any way. Companies which have certifications like ISO are obviously more trustworthy than other services. You can be sure that the service will have a reliable set of cleaning procedures ensuring that a location is clean the best way possible. However, not all cleaning companies may have such certifications. As such, a good way to judge such cleaning service is to look at their client list. By this, you make sure that all clients are perfectly happy with the service by the company.

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