Ways to Find Investors in Dubai for a Startup Business

Ways to Find Investors in Dubai for a Startup Business

Dubai is one of the most conducive environments for business ventures. The city has flourished greatly due to its strategic geographical location and the natural resources available in the region. As such, you will find many investors in Dubai venturing into all kinds of businesses.

Getting an individual or an organization to invest in a business however not a walk in the park. More often than not, it involves networking, attending numerous events, and mingling with many investors, local and international, before finding the ideal one. Here are various ways to help entrepreneurs find investors in Dubai.

Informal networks

Informal networks are people who often have an affiliation with the entrepreneur. However, it is not necessarily so as there are nonaffiliated informal networks too. Affiliated informal networks play an important role in helping a startup entrepreneur develop their entities. They come in handy to provide mentorship, business advice, and even give an entrepreneur business leads.

The fact that an affiliated informal investor is familiar to an entrepreneur means that they understand their strengths and their potential. They also know their weak areas and are able to devise appropriate ways of helping them drive the business towards prosperity. How then can individuals find informal investors? They can begin by approaching their friends and relatives as they are in a better position to offer support on reasonable terms.

Startup launch forums

Today, there are various online platforms where individuals can carry out extensive research. In addition, numerous companies have discovered the need to support startup businesses in their quest to find investors in Dubai. They organize various forums from where individuals can gain a well of entrepreneurship knowledge. They also provide different channels to help individuals locate and connect with entrepreneurs.

Attending some of the forums one on one is advantageous as it enables entrepreneurs to interact with different investors, get some business tips, and get an opportunity to front their entrepreneurship entities through presentations.

Crowdfunding Sites

Fundraising from large crowds through the internet is practiced world over. This gives individuals an opportunity to meet different types of investors all with varying ideas. Crowdfunding sites apply different rules and regulations and give investors in Dubai an opportunity to analyze each entrepreneur in order to ascertain and connect with those whose business plan and goals align to theirs.

Startup incubators and accelerators

Although business experts believe that accelerators and incubators have similar ideas, it is important for startup entrepreneurs to understand the differences. In both terms, entrepreneurs get an opportunity to connect with big organizations that invest in their businesses and help them develop rapidly.

One notable difference is the fact that while incubators focus on innovative concepts to grow startup businesses, accelerators hasten growth in already existing companies.

Expert Social Networking Sites

Social networks have come of age and transformed into rich sources of not only information, but ideal platforms to search for investors. LinkedIn is quite popular among users of the internet and many more professional social networking websites are available. They give entrepreneurs an opportunity to interact with different investors in varying business fields.

Many entrepreneurs today have been able to connect with international investors thanks to these networking sites. Every entrepreneur gets the opportunity to carry out prior analysis on different professional profiles before choosing the right one.

Private Equity organizations

Private equity organizations offer entrepreneurs various opportunities to access any amount of funding ranging from little to more capital. Additionally, they are able to support startup business with high potential for growth.


There are many investors in Dubai willing to support startup businesses. It is the entrepreneur’s responsibility to ensure that their business plan is viable. They should strive to carry out extensive studies to establish their target market. Also, they should find out how much potential for success their brand holds. Their business plan should be tangible and powerful enough to convince investors to provide support.

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