Lead Management System: Best Tactics and Software To Get The Job Done

Lead Management System: Best Tactics and Software To Get The Job Done

Studies reveal that if organizations give much emphasis on lead nurturing instead of just focusing on the lead generation, then organizations can experience an overall growth rate of 20% in the revenue. It is not how you source the leads but how you manage them. Before we proceed with the tactics and software, it is important that you have a clear understanding of what a lead management system exactly is and why organizations need it.

An overview of the lead management system

Lead management is a process that streamlines the entire sales process. The first step towards a sale is finding a prospective client. This task is very tedious and requires a lot of efforts from the professional’s end. Lead management is a system that will incorporate both the areas of sales and marketing and accordingly help in acquiring and nurturing the leads.

But having a lead management system alone is not sufficient; you will require a pre-designed strategy that is devised by combining both creativity and technology. That way you will be able to optimize your lead management system to the fullest. You should definitely consider installing a lead management system for better management of your prospects.

Why is it important?

There are many organizations which source numerous leads but still are unable to convert those leads into sales. The obvious reason for this failure is the poor management of leads. If you are considering expanding your client base and venture into newer markets, then you will require a lead tracking software for making your work easy.

By having a sound lead management system, you will be able to track the prospect’s status effectively. This system streamlines each and every aspect of sales processes like calls, emails, meetings, demos, contract rate, and even revenue. If you have such sales lead management software, then much of your employee’s time will be saved, and you can deploy their services elsewhere.

Tactics to Get Your Business Growing

1. Align internal departments and let them know about the formulated strategy:

Conduct a general meeting and call every concerned person of your sales, marketing, customer service, and product development department. The main purpose of doing so is to detail every aspect of their individual department’s activities. When the said departments work hand-in-hand, there will be higher chances of proper nurturing of leads, and it will also provide them with a comprehensive message.

2. Design a sturdy sales track:

Developing a strong base is very crucial for any process. The factors which make up the track depend on several aspects, and you need to scrutinize each aspect very carefully. Make awareness, interest, desire, and action of the sales process as the base of your track. This will also help all the internal departments to stay focused on their work.

3. Use high-quality content to grasp prospective client’s attention:

In order to source more clients, you will have to provide all your prospects with an e-book or an email that conveys about your organizational goals, vision, mission, existing clientele, services/products being offered, and other similar information. If you provide your prospects with poor quality content, then it will leave a negative impression of your organization on them. So always try to provide all your prospects with a high-quality and beautifully summed content that gives an overview of your organization.

4. Segment your leads appropriately:

Allocating leads appropriately amongst your employees is an art. You should be able to make out which lead should be allocated to which employee so that a maximum number of leads can be optimized.

Software to optimize your sales processes

When it comes to selecting the right lead generation software, you will have to make the decision very wisely. Some of the most popular software’s related to lead management are discussed below.

1. Bpm’online CRM

If you are looking for a tool that can handle every aspect of a process then this tool is surely for you. Starting from lead generation to deal closure, this tool will automate everything and make the entire process very easy for you. Whether you are running a large organization or a startup operating on a small scale, this tool can customize easily to fit perfectly with every business type. If you are apprehensive about its effectiveness, then try the 14-day free trial offered by them. You can expect your marketing, sales, and service performance to upgrade considerably after installation of tool.

2. FreshSales.io

This is a comprehensive CRM tool that allows your sales team to take the benefit of AI-based lead scoring along with features such as built-in phone, email, activity capture and much more. This tool allows you to find the best leads and have relevant conversations with them. Overall your sales funnel can be upgraded with this software.

   3. Zoho CRM

Change the conventional way you used to procure leads and manage them. This sales lead management tool has innumerable features to offer you. Apart from the basic feature of automation, this tool also provides gamification, analytics, territory management, effective strong communication, integration with Google apps, and much more. You can also use the CRM while on the go. Zoho CRM gives you the power to convert more leads into sales in a considerably lesser time.

  4.  Marketo

Marketo software looks after both lead generation and lead nurturing apart from providing other relevant features. Whether you are an SME, agency, startup or a large organization, this tool can cater out to all your marketing needs. It looks after your email marketing, internet marketing, and much more. With this tool, your sales team can never miss their sales target and always contribute considerably towards the organization’s revenue.

It will be a wise decision to automate and streamline your sale process so that not even a single lead is wasted.

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