A Look at Some of the Interesting Retail Vacancies at Aeropostale

A Look at Some of the Interesting Retail Vacancies at Aeropostale

If you have retail experience and you’re looking to take your career to the next level, working for top US retailer Aeropostale could be on the cards. Aeropostale is one of the biggest clothing retailers in the United States, with more than 200 stores available nationwide. So, it’s certainly an established company with various job opportunities that need to be filled. Let’s have a look at some of the interesting openings that regularly come available.

Sales Associate

If you see yourself in a sales role in the future, a role as a sales associate within one of the Aeropostale stores could be the ideal career for you. Employees can expect to earn $8.50 an hour, but there are huge benefits in place that could give you access to 50% discount on any store purchases and of course, career progression into the many other sales-based roles on offer. You’ll need to be confident, friendly, and have good customer service skills, but it’s a career that can offer you a foundation to learn how to sell and take your sales career further. Look at Job Application World for more information on the application process if this vacancy interests you.

Store Manager

Becoming a store manager for any business does have numerous challenges in place. But, with a good salary on offer, paid holiday and sick leave, a store manager does offer many benefits some of the other careers just don’t provide access to. A typical store manager within Aeropostale will get a median salary of more than $46,000 a year, but there is room for progression. Of course, landing a job as a store manager isn’t easy or for the faint-hearted, but you will also benefit from a 50% store discount among many other bonuses.

Aeropostale Sales Lead

A sales associate is the place to start if you have little to no prior sales experience, but if you do, falling straight into a sales lead role is very much on the cards. Aeropostale rely on their sales leads to take their business further, and you’ll be the one who works as the middleman to ensure that happens. You’ll often greet customers and provide top customer service experience, so customers always get what they want. It’s an excellent career if you like a bit of variety throughout the day and you’re a people’s person. You’ll also benefit from a basic salary with access to bonuses depending on your selling skillset.

Although Aeropostale is a clothing retailer, they do also dip into the footwear and accessories market to expose their brand further in various stores nationwide. So, it could be an excellent career choice if you’re looking to grow with an established company that still has plenty of growth potential left itself. The above are just some of the interesting vacancies on offer up and down the Aeropostale career ladder – so it should be a company worth looking at if you’re interested in clothing retail and you want to take the next step with a reputable company that can shape you into a true retail professional.

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