3 Ways to Make Your Commercial Property Safe and Enjoyable

3 Ways to Make Your Commercial Property Safe and Enjoyable

If you own or run a business on your commercial property, clearly you have a large operation with success hinging on your ability to enable flawless logistics, align your departments, and hire good employees. That said hiring good employees means you have to keep them motivated and satisfied. According to a 2016 Quora report, more than 70% of interviewed workers employed at factories, plants and other large commercial properties said that safety concerns ranked first and a dull atmosphere second for their displeasure with their job environment. In order to keep good employees at the top of their capabilities, you need to invest in improving safety standards and creating a company culture people will love to be a part of.

Call Commercial Oil Tank Removal Specialists to Search for Oil Tanks

It is typical for New Jersey businesses to have buried oil tanks on the property without the owner even knowing it. At the turn of the century these tanks were used to heat building but today they are deteriorating into the ground leaking old petroleum and other chemicals that can contaminate soil, plague groundwater, and cause a toxic environment. There is New Jersey oil tank removal companies for businesses that come out to perform tank detection services using sonar equipment and other high-tech oil tank spotting technology to locate any hidden tank. Then these experts remove the tank and perform soil remediation services, if necessary. By hiring a company to perform these tasks you will be sending a powerful message to your employees that you care about their health and safety at work.

Remodel the Break Room and Employee Lounge

All too often break rooms and employee lounges in large commercial properties are outdated and offer the bare essentials. Show your employees you care; breathe life into these spaces by putting down some new flooring and re-painting the walls. There are some low-cost laminate flooring options that look like real hardwood and offer a clean, modern look. You can also add a ping pong table to give employees some physical movement and to recharge their brains so they return back to their tasks fresh. Even turning a corner into a cozy reading nook or relaxation area with some bean bags will be helpful. Furthermore, 0versized sofas and chairs will give workers a place to relax on their lunch breaks.

Make Wednesday Special

Another way to promote a positive, healthy work environment is to choose a day and make it special every week. Statistically, workers who dislike their jobs hate Wednesday most of all. This is because it’s the middle of the week. They feel like they are climbing that hump to get closer to Friday and the weekend ahead. By making Wednesdays special you will remove that negative stigma and see morale and work performance go up. Moreover, mix it up every week. Have coffee and donuts one day, a catered lunch the week after, and have a lottery where employees can win prizes.

You can also have theme days where they wear apparel showcasing their favorite sports team, or have a fun contest. By turning “hump day” into “fun day”, you will enable workers to have fun and feel more appreciated. With that comes a decrease in employee stress levels and higher attention to detail in their tasks. So, they will love your company for you investing in its people.

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