4 Young Mobile App Developers Who Are Now Millionaires

4 Young Mobile App Developers Who Are Now Millionaires

The world of internet, social media and smartphones has turned some people into celebrities and millionaires within a very short span of time. It wasn’t like that in the past with someone who had a product to introduce in the market, it was tough and a laborious job to market your products face to face but now the digital revolution has changed everything. Now instead of waiting to finish the college young people with big dreams sit in the privacy of their bedrooms and create software and apps that, in the case of these young people, can turn into something big and make them millionaires. And who said teenagers were only reckless irresponsible beings?

Look at these young mobile app developers cum entrepreneurs who have created some mind-blowing mobile apps and are now living their dreams.

1. Nick D’Aloisio

Nick D’Aloisio was born in November 1995 and is the latest internet sensation and the youngest star to hit the app development market recently. He is famous for his multi-million dollar worth of app, Summly. The journey of Summly began in March 2011 when Nick created an iOS application called Trimmit using an analytical tool to condense the text content into 1000, 500, or 140-character summary text. The app caught Apple’s attention and the company featured it in the app store. Later, Nick after being funded by a billionaire for his venture revamped this application and re-launched it in December 2011 by the name Summly.

2. Brian Wong

When teenagers play video games and not care about anything else in the world, Wong started growing interest in computers and computer graphics. Brian Wong was born in 1991 in Canada. After a brief period of employment working for the developers of Digg, when this kid was still 19 he had a brilliant app idea. This idea led to founding Kiip along with his colleagues Courtney Guertin and Amadeus Demarzi. Kiip is a dream come true for gamers. The idea of the app is to allow companies and brands give real-world rewards to gamers.

They also give digital ‘high score’ when they reach those high achievable moments in the games. This was a totally novel idea which gained traction really fast. True Ventures has now funded Wong with $15 million and a team of skilled app developers for future endeavour.

3. Robert Nay

How does someone who is just a teenager come up with brilliant mobile app ideas? Well that’s the impact our kids see in this digital era. Robert Nay was only 14 years old when he came up with an app idea that will eventually turn him into a millionaire. Bubble Ball is a physics puzzle game that ranges from simple to extremely challenging puzzles. Each level provides the player with tools, pieces and additional ramps, planks, geometric pieces, catapults, accelerators and gravity inverters to get the ball through the finish line. The game has 72 levels in total and has over 2 million downloads from Apple store.

4. Chad Mureta

Chad Mureta is a perfect example of someone whose life suddenly changes after an incident. The guy was working as a real estate agent when one day after returning from a basketball game an accident met him and he had to be in hospital for several days. That is when he came up with the idea of an app, Fingerprint Security Pro that later took him from the hospital bed and landed him into millions of dollars. Since he did not come from a developer’s or technical background, Chad sketched the idea of his app and sent it to a developer.

His strengths in business and creative sides of the things allowed him to conceive the idea, monetize it and launch it officially. The app started bringing in revenues quickly and Chad subsequently launched his own app development company, made more apps and sold three app companies worth millions of dollars.


It goes without saying that intelligence, skills and determination when coupled with passion can bring in success and money. It’s all about staying focused liked these kids did and turn your even simple ideas into something worthwhile.

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