Instagram Engagement Guide: Here’s How You Get More

Instagram Engagement Guide: Here's How You Get More

Communicating what you want to, by using photographs, has proved to be immensely popular.  It’s popular not just with the individuals but also with brands. They are all seeking to promote themselves and build Instagram engagement. However, despite the obvious advantage of a visual medium that attracts eyeballs better than conventional text posts; you need to really work on building engagement with followers on Instagram instead of hoping for it to happen naturally. Some practical tips on building user engagement:

Adopt a Color Palette That Is Vibrant

The very first task of any communication exercise is to cut through the clutter in the environment. Remember your followers are not only following you but also a number of other accounts so being unique is vital. Using color as a differentiator is an advantage that not many marketers appreciate. According to studies, images that have a single dominant color tend to get better noticed than the rest, and of all the colors available, blue gets significantly noticed more. Thus, as a part of making your posts distinctive ensure that your images have one strong dominant color so that they pop out on the timeline of followers.

Remember To Include CTAs

As with any marketing strategy, offline or online, conversion rate depends on the use of very strong call to action signals. You will only be able to get the conversions that are the real purpose of your Instagram marketing efforts if you are able to clearly communicate to your followers what to do; this may be any action right from signing up for a newsletter, to asking for more information, initiating a call back, or even making a purchase. Encourage them to like your post and give them a very good reason to go to your website by visiting the link in the bio section. You can use online services like Like4Like to boost the number of likes of your posts and increase Instagram engagement.

Encourage Follow Participation and Discussion

Among the best ways of promoting user, engagement is to spark off a discussion. This discussion can be on something that followers many have strong opinions or experiences. You can use a strategy that involves making a statement that is open to debate or even asking a question. Once a few followers respond, the snowball effect swings to action and more and more followers feel compelled to voice their opinions. While this technique is very good for getting product feedback while building follower engagement, you should avoid topics that are very controversial as things may get out of hand.


The trick to building engagement is to let users find your posts in the first place. So including the most appropriate and trending hashtags is a must. Post when users are most active, to increase the chances of people noticing your posts. Avoid hashtag stuffing as users may be allergic to being led astray by misleading ones. Another good technique for visual posts to get noticed is to use human faces as much as possible. Because they automatically attract and help trigger strong emotional reactions.

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