Negative Impacts of Technology on Education and Learning

Negative Impacts of Technology on Education and Learning

Technology has facilitated the operation of mundane repetitive tasks for students. Technology is constantly expanding and developing in to new fields and spheres of education. It has slowly creeped in to the classroom influencing students and the learning process. Teachers have adapted the new technology as a lifesaver believing that it is simplifying the learning process. But psychologists warn of the negative impacts of technology both physically and also to the cognitive learning process.

Negative Physical Effects of Technology:

Technology has amalgamated in to our daily lives on every level. From the time we get up in the morning to the time we get back in to bed, we use technology throughout the day in one way or another. When new technologies spawn, we are not so dependent on the new technologies. With time and constant usage of these new technologies our body and lifestyle becomes accustomed to the use of these technologies. There are some positive uses, but the negative impacts of technology severely outnumber the benefits.

  • Headache, Neck Pain and Backache:

Believe it or not each electronic device emits radiation in one way or another. In some electronic devices the radiation is higher compared to others. But the impression that modern devices emit less radiation or none at all is completely wrong. Looking down at a cell phone or constantly looking at a computer screen can lead to headache and even back pain in some cases. The longer the duration of the usage of these devices the more intensive the pain may be at the end of the day. The headache at the end of the day may be enough to deter a person in achieving a healthy sleep cycle.

  • Damage to Eyesight and Hearing:

This is one of the major concerns of parents who have very young children using technology at an early age. In some societies, children as young as 2 years old are using screens to play games and keep themselves busy. This is the reason why children get diagnosed with weak eyesight even before they become a teenager. Headphones are so successful in creating a unique experience for the individual looking for coursework help that the person sometimes becomes completely unaware of their surroundings. This causes loss of hearing in older age and also being unable to notice weak sounds.

  • Obesity and Stress:

Being seated in front of a computer all day is not conducive to weight loss or good posture in any way. Scientists warn that the body is not designed to remain seated for long periods on ends. It needs to get physical exercise each day for all the organs to remain completely healthy. Now we are seeing an epidemic in obesity as more and more people are becoming overweight each day.

The obesity would not be so much of an issue if the stress did not exist. Constantly using different types of electronics devices swamps the brain. It leads to stress of having to shift from one device to another. This causes our attention span to decline. It also causes stress trying to sleep at night. Without using the electronic devices our mind would easily achieve REM. Now the mind keeps wandering from one thought to the next unable to achieve repose.

These are just some of the numerous physical drawbacks of using technology on a daily basis. In some cases, like tendonitis it can lead to serious impediments.

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