Essential Tips For Opening a Hookah Bar

Essential Tips For Opening a Hookah Bar

Nowadays, the trend of opening a shisha bar is expeditiously growing. You will get to see modern and funky shisha lounges on every corner of the city. But many of these hookah bar places or shisha lounges get closed within a year because of lack of resources and knowledge. A shisha owner must have a proper guidance and awareness of the some of the essential tips before opening a hookah Bar in the city. Remember, a shisha bar offers more than an exotic tobacco flavour and thrilling music.

Down here, we have shared some of the fundamental tips that a person should know before settling a shisha lounge in their city. Read below:

Knowledgeable and High-quality staff

These type of service industries requires top-notch quality staff. Same as, a shisha bar, demands attentive and knowledgeable staff, who are well aware of shisha products and hookah accessories? The team who knows shisha set-ups, coal refuelling and suggest customers which tobacco flavour to try. The team which is fast and good at establishing reports prefer to most of the shisha bar owners.

Politeness, knowledge and presentation these three are significant qualities which a shisha owner should look after. Also, it is essential for a team to maintain a friendly relation with the customers.

Shisha Bar Music

A shisha night can’t complete without good music. To engage more customers, many of the shisha bars are giving their customers a say in the music playing. You just have to vote your pre-approved playlist song on mobile jukebox apps, and DJ would play one of your favourite songs, the best part is you don’t have to leave your seats.

These trend is gaining much popularity in hookah bars as compared to the conventional song jukeboxes. Amazed, how a mobile and social media component can help you in settling a good brand image of your lounge.


 Make sure you are not giving any opportunity to your customers to leave your shisha bar just because of poor ambience. Smoking hookah is a social activity, so choose your lounge interior accordingly. Common decor themes for starting a hookah lounge include Egyptian, Middle Eastern and Bohemian theme. Prefer dark walls, mixed and colourful patterns, dim lights, big soft pillows and create a cosy atmosphere which encourages your customers to stay. Generally, many people love to arrive in groups, so make sure, your hookah bar has ample space to handle big crowds, and you can create intimate booths and circular tables for them, where they can sit and have fun- the longer they stay, the more food and drinks they will order. Hope, you won’t face a tough time getting them to leave.

A vast collection of Tobacco Flavors

 Ensure your shisha bar must have a healthy tobacco menu from the fruit’s flavour to mint to florals. It is an astounding way to brand your image, the more you will offer to your customers, the more it compels them to come back and taste the remaining flavours.

To make it more appealing, ask your customers to allow you to add ice or flavoured water to shisha to enhance the experience.

Happy Hookah hours and discounts

Who doesn’t like to get right discounts on weekdays or busy days? Well, everybody loves. Great deal on specific hookah flavours or bundles of drinks and of course on food, also encourage non-hookah users to come with their hookah friends. Additionally, it is the exceptional way to reaching new customers.

Tranquilize tea

Tea has become a new and trendy drink to serve with hookah; it enhances the flavour and keeps the throat smooth. Veteran hookah lovers prefer to have tea with their hookah. Mint and Jasmine are the two enticing tea flavours that accompany shisha lovers.

The patio is Must

An outdoor patio is a great place. It offers the customers to smoke outside with the fresh air and proper ventilation. And if the weather is chill, so you can also plan a bonfire.


 Shisha lounges have now become the perfect destination for smokers and non-smokers. In shisha bar, one can enjoy good music, can spend a good time with their friends and can escape the typical club or sports bars scene. Well, these are some of the essential tips that a shisha owner must know before starting a shisha bar in the city.

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