What Can You Expect On Your Plate In 2018?

What Can You Expect On Your Plate In 2018?

Move over Unicorn food and active charcoal – it is time to herald the food trends that are going to take our appetites (and imagination, going by trends in recent years) by storm in 2018. If we were heavily bingeing on turmeric, kale and peanut butter in 2017, it is going to be all about protein-rich seeds and Indian street food at the turn of the calendar. So here is what culinary experts are going to whip up for us in the New Year according to The Waitrose Food and Drink Report 2017-18.

Japanese ‘dude’ food

If we had to make do with the ‘lighter’ miso and noodle soups thus far, it is now the turn of the indulgent end of the Japanese food spectrum in the spotlight. Expect to see the hearty ‘dude’ foods of the Southern US states combined with the alluring flavours of rich after-hours foods seen in the izakaya bars of Japan. Think yakitori skewered chicken and deep fried tofu in broth.

Tapas-style Indian food

It is time to stop thinking of rich gravies and chicken tikkas when you think of Indian food. In 2018, don’t be surprised if you come across a large number of food trucks catering broth filled fried puris served with chutney and shredded vegetables. You can expect hybrids like spiced burgers or keema filled tacos but be prepared for a wave of Indian food like never before!

The fourth meal

Who wants to go with the boring breakfast-lunch-dinner routine? Food trends have always given us a reason to indulge in an extra meal or two but this time a fourth meal gets legitimate billing as people look for reasons to cram an extra salad into the gap between lunch and dinner or snack on some cheese on toast before bed. Small, frequent meals have always been a health go-to so why not indulge?

Goodbye to the ‘big trolleys’

Apparently we are not big shoppers hoarding weekly or monthly supplies anymore! We need more entertainment than just going through a shopping list now and increasingly supermarkets are turning into immersive activity hubs that offer you a multitude of options like supper clubs and wine bars so that shopping is just one of the things to do there.

Plant protein

So carbs are not going anywhere anytime soon and we all know that. But that does not stop us from trying out the next new superfood. Which is why plant-based proteins – whether from pulses, grains,  seeds, soy or algae are still going to find a place on our shelves as part of the newest flexitarian diet.

These then are the contenders for the title of greatest food trend of 2018. So is it going to ultimately annoy us like all those ginormous desserts we were eating till recently or are they going to transport us to a hereto unknown gastronomic heaven? We will keep you posted on consolidatetimes.com. But till then we can only smack our lips in anticipation!

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