10 Excellent Ways to Motivate Employees and Increase Company’s Productivity

10 Excellent Ways to Motivate Employees and Increase Productivity

There are four Ms of business; Money, Manpower, Machine and Method. In the absence of anyone among these, the others will not be able to perform for the company. As an entrepreneur, keeping motivated to oneself is equally important as keeping your employees motivated. Researchers have proven it many times that motivated employees not only work better but also perform better. Motivating employees to work for you and the organization as a whole; requires continuous positive or negative form of motivation.

Being a good entrepreneur, when you have invested your time and money in the business; getting returns out of it becomes your utmost priority. Any company is a matter of teamwork. When this team is motivated, it would work harder and thus increases your productivity.

Here are 10 ways to motivate employees at work:

1. Appreciate The Work:

Appreciate your employees when they perform outstandingly well. Announcing the name of the employee who has brought the company a big deal is a motivation for others as well.

2. Communication with Employees:

Timely and honest communication is essential between you and your employees. A clear idea of the work that they are doing will let them understand the importance of their work. Talking with your employees will make them feel you as one among them and not as their boss. It is then they can share their points, issues and ideas with you. Do not scold them when they are mistaken. Sharing the information about the profits and revenues generated through their efforts will motivate them to work more.

3. Create An Environment:

Create a confident and happy environment in the workplace. This would motivate the employees to come regularly and take lesser number of leaves. Celebrate your success by throwing a party in their honor. A better and motivated and positive environment is when it is 5:00 PM and still your employees are working hard with fun. This is a fantastic feeling to see how motivated your employees are working for you.

4. Hold A Meeting:

You should get some time for the team to let them know that their efforts were appreciable and their contribution to the company is valuable. Recognize their efforts. Let them know their hard work is paying off. If there is something to change, let them know about it. Be honest to your team. Suggest them what changes are needed for improvement. Give them a positive feedback as and when required.

5. Offer Good Opportunities:

Motivate employees by offering them the opportunities to learn and earn while they work for you. Arranging on-job training sessions, encouraging them to participate in various competitions inside and outside the organization is recommended. This, in turn, will give you the groomed employees. Also, it will create goodwill for your company.

6. Provide Incentives:

You should provide incentives to employees who manage to work extra hours. You can also set incentives for the completion of work given to them. This will make them work harder, and they will get the motivation to complete their work before time.

7. Put A Bulletin Board:

This is a place where your employees can share any information related to work, quotes, thoughts can even share best wishes cards with their colleagues as well. You can share “employee of the month” too, or you can post company’s achievement also.

8. Set Goals:

Set different goals for each employee. Give them different task and time limit to complete their goals. This will make them work quicker and increase the competitive feeling in them.

9. Take Care of Their Family As Well:

Employees are focused and motivated when they have a feeling of secured family. Plan life insurance policies, medical policies, family trips, the festival get-together with families. This will motivate them to work for you for a longer duration. Also, this would ultimately decrease your employee turnover rate.

10. Understand Their Problems:

Each employee has a family to be concerned about. If any of your employee or his/her family members is sick, allow him/her to take leave. If company policies and finances allow; offer them the advance payment of salaries for few months. Certainly, this will strengthen the employer-employee bond.

Productivity is a vital component in any industry. If a business wishes to attain particular milestones, then its frontrunners must make sure that the efficiency of the staff is upheld at a definite level. Finalizing tasks and meeting closing date are imperative for any business. Therefore, it is the role of administration to stimulate the employees to expand their efficacy and performance. Following these ten ways to motivate employees and taking a note of your increased productivity are parallel tasks that a manager should do.

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