4 Marketing Methods All Online Entrepreneurs Should Learn

4 Marketing Methods All Online Entrepreneurs Should Learn

As one of online entrepreneurs with the intention of earning a substantial living and maintaining successful businesses online, there are certain topics and marketing methods that you’ll need to become familiar with in order to boost your chances of success. Fortunately, you’ll be on the right track if you start with the following four online marketing specialties:

1. Building Email Opt-in Lists

Although uninformed business owners may feel as though email marketing is overly aggressive, in reality, it’s a very effective and legitimate tool that can be used to better serve your audience with fresh new content, deals, and other promotions right in their inbox. After all, as long the people are opting into your newsletter via their own free will, that means they must be genuinely interested in your site/brand, so there’s nothing wrong with identifying and capitalizing on that interest. Since this branch of marketing is largely a numbers game, it helps to use a variety of tools and conduct thorough research on opt-in blogs like 4ra to become familiar with this branch of marketing before setting out on a random arbitrage that might land you in the spam folder.

2. Utilizing PPC Campaigns

Pay per click (PPC) is another classic branch of marketing that’s often underestimated. Although it may require a decent budget to get started, once you’ve learned how to analyze and optimize your conversion rate, it’s a reliable and consistent method for generating quality traffic. Plus, since it’s been covered in-depth from every possible angle for the past 20 years by all major advertising teams and blogs, and since there are dozens of networks to choose from (e.g. Google, Amazon, Facebook Ads, etc.), this is certainly a fundamental skill to add to your entrepreneurial marketing arsenal.

4. Social Media and YouTube Advertising

Advertising on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and other social networks is perhaps the fastest way to skyrocket brand awareness. In fact, the term “viral” originated due to the sheer volume of traffic and exposure that can be achieved via a viral video that attracts millions of views in a matter of weeks. Of course, such a great reward won’t come without a significant investment of time and research, as you’ll need to get involved with video production and creating an effective YouTube channel. Nevertheless, it’s an extremely worthwhile field to become familiar with if you’re an aspiring online entrepreneur.

4. Content Creation and Distribution

Last, but most definitely not least: It’s imperative for every website owner or online entrepreneur to understand the basic standards of quality content, as well as how and where to distribute such content to build a stronger overall web presence. Although video and other forms of media are important, the internet is ultimately a web of words, especially in the eyes of search engines like Google, which have developed algorithms specifically for judging the content and impact of written content.

Taking a Diversified and Knowledgeable Approach for Optimal Success

In conclusion, becoming proficient in all of the above marketing methods is the best way to become a better manager and marketer in every online business endeavor. Adversely, failing to do so means you’ll probably fall into the immense majority of online business owners who call it quits within five years.

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