8 Best Wireless Gadgets You Should Consider Getting

8 Best Wireless Gadgets You Should Consider Getting

Wireless gadgets have been around for years, but they have recently only gotten good (and economical), enough to justify purchasing. Listed below are eight best wireless gadgets that have helped people avoid stress and save lots and lots of time:

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Every day in the modern world brings more technologies unrestricted by wires. This makes life much easier and less cluttered for those who work from home or travel with their electronics. Pick up one or two of these best wireless gadgets currently on the market to help you work or play even harder.

Bluetooth Gloves

If you’ve ever had to fumble with your smartphone in the cold, Bluetooth gloves were made for you. You’ll no longer have to take your gloves off to answer your phone, and you’ll never have to struggle with inaccurate touch-screen gloves again. The fingertips of these gloves are made of a special material that can navigate your phone’s touch-screen, but the gloves themselves sync to your device using Bluetooth technology. Using buttons built into the gloves, you can accept calls and adjust the volume without ever touching your phone.

Wireless Beats by Dre Headphones

Beats by Dre from T-Mobile are still innovating in the headphone industry. You can add one of three headphone options to your T-Mobile account alongside your phone or monthly service. BeatsX in-ear headphones are the most affordable choice, delivering up to eight hours of battery life. Powerbeats3 are in-ear sport headphones that get up to 12 hours of battery life. Beats Solo3 over-ear headphones are the high-end pick and get up to 40 hours per charge.

Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

Wireless Bluetooth speakers may not be a new innovation, but their sound quality and battery life improve every year. The Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II is one of the latest and greatest examples. This speaker easily fits in the user’s hand and provides pristine sound quality and a Bluetooth range of 30 feet. You’ll also get to enjoy 10 hours of battery life and easy pairing technology.

Smart Pressure Cooker

“Smart” might seem like a bit of a marketing buzzword, especially when it comes to kitchen appliances. But the ability to monitor the food you’re cooking and make adjustments from your desk or elsewhere in your home is incredibly convenient and practical. The Instant Pot smart pressure cooker connects to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth so you can create a precise cooking program, set custom timers, and maintain total control over the cooking process.

Wireless Router

Routers are an essential piece of technology, but the wired models might seem a bit archaic next to all the wireless gadgets on your desk. You can enjoy fast internet speeds and the ability to pick up and go with a wireless router. The Netgear Nighthawk AC1750 (R6700) Wireless Router is a top choice. This dual-band device can achieve speeds of 450 and 1,200 Mbps, and there’s a companion app you can download to control the router from your phone.

Wireless Mouse

A wireless mouse is a simple but essential addition to your workspace, and one with Bluetooth technology has the added benefit of connecting with any compatible devices, including desktops, laptops, and tablets. For example, the high-end Logitech MX Master Mouse connects to up to three computers using Bluetooth or USB technology. A simpler option like the Microsoft Surface Mouse will also help you remove some of the wires around your desk.

Wi-Fi Range Extender

If some rooms in your home only pick up a weak Wi-Fi signal, a few family members will encounter poor connections and long load times when they try to get online. An excellent wireless solution to this problem is to pick up a Wi-Fi range extender. Some are incredibly affordable, like the NETGEAR EX3700, which plugs directly into a wall socket. An option like the Linksys RE6500 is more comprehensive and more expensive, but it adds the peace of mind of a couple extra security features.

Bluetooth technology has come a long way, and just about any item that sits on your desk can be upgraded to something that includes this technology. This is great for the added functionality that Bluetooth brings, and it will help you keep things nice and tidy. Enhance your workspace with a few of these wireless additions, and enjoy less clutter and far more efficiency wherever you go.

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