Extra-Curricular Activities That Will Help You Ace Engineering Exams

Extra-Curricular Activities That Will Help You Ace Engineering Exams

Students who are stepping up for engineering preparation have a tight schedule which can be exhaustive at times. A sizable portion of the day goes into books, preparing notes, and revision. Since students follow a particular schedule when preparing for engineering exams for entrance, it is important to include certain extra-curricular activities that keep them mentally fresh and physically active. These activities are known to recharge the brain by stimulating areas that otherwise remain untouched. It improves the quality of life which brings positivity. Investing your time in extracurricular activities has myriad of benefits which enhances brain function, increases self-awareness and is an outlet for creativity.

When on the road to engineering preparation, students should make sure to invest their time in by taking part in some extracurricular activities. It will not only improve the chances of acing the engineering entrance examination like JEE but also help students stay relaxed.

Here are some extra-curricular activities that can help you ace engineering examinations:

Playa Team Sport

Playing a sport is highly underrated, especially when a student is undergoing engineering preparation. There is no time for sports,and the books take a toll on the student’s life. It is essential to choose a sport and play it on a regular basis. Football, Basketball, Cricket, Volleyball, pick any sport but play it regularly. Competitive sports are a great way to push students further that helps in performing better. It makes the students more accountable for their performance. Playing a sport as an extra-curricular activity teaches students the sense of resilience. It also improves collaborative skills of the students.

Participate in Debates

Taking part in debate competition helps in sharpening several essential skills that eventually helps frame a better personality. It improves the reasoning skills of students and helps them hold opinions backed by rationality. The debate is a terrific way to get better at orating skills. The field of engineering requires students to be leaders. Participating in a debate is also a way to hone leadership skills.

Play/Learn a Musical Instrument

Playing a musical instrument improves the muscle memory and helps retain more information. When preparing for engineering entrance examination, music will be highly beneficial. Not only music is a terrific way to unwind, but it also assists the player in developing self-discipline, experimentation,and improvisation. It stimulates the entire brain, including the rational and emotional side which is vital for an engineering student. Even if the aspirant does not wish to become a professional musician, playing a musical instrument is likely to offer new insights and increase the sense of coordination. It will also improve cognitive function and help with reasoning skills.

Play Chess or Strategic Board Games

Chess is for intelligent people, and a highly underrated sport. When pursued as a hobby, chess stimulates the brain’s cognitive function and helps strategize. Playing a certain format of a chess game where time is a limit for every move, helps in strategizing under pressure. One can learn from such pressure situations and apply them in their engineering entrance exam. Chess stimulates both the right and left hemisphere of the brain, and is highly recommended for students.

Extra-curricular activities should never tire a student, but aid their engineering preparation. Instead of wasting your time on browsing social media, students should start investing in extra-curricular activities that help them in ways which are not apparent. With endless options for leisure, the activities mentioned are not only a source of relaxation but helps in improving the cognitive function.

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