How to Become the Best Sports Journalist

How to Become the Best Sports Journalist

Building a career in any field requires hard work, passion and dedication. It is the same with this profession or career as well.  If you would like to explore a career in sports as a journalist, then just following sports with a passion is not sufficient, what is required is an in-depth study, an understanding of the sports and what people look for in sports write-ups. While this cannot be taught to you in a school, this can only be gained through experience.

The first thing that any aspiring sports writer should do is to look for work as an apprentice with a sports editor or look for freelance with sports websites. These websites need content on a regular basis and within short time frames. As a result, your knowledge about various sports will not only improve but you will begin to learn to write within tight deadlines. Here are a few tips that you can follow to pursue a career in Sports Journalism.


Getting a degree is always and the best start to any career. Not only does it give your resume the strength but a course or a degree in Journalism will go a long way in helping you bag those perfect jobs that you always hope for. While you may still need to work to get to the level that you want, the entry into the industry will become a whole lot easier when you have the right education backing you up. Most degrees or courses in journalism are long-term ones, if you do not have the time, you could always sign up for short-term courses in local colleges or community colleges. These work equally well in showing your employer that you are passionate about a career in journalism.


A huge part of being a sports journalist is about wanting to be present in the “thick of things”. What this means is that even if you are not getting payment for an assignment, using it as a learning opportunity is the right way to approach such a career. If you want to make an entry into this industry without having any experience, then the best way would be to slog it out. It means that if you have to work as an intern with a negligible pay or even without pay, then you must be ready to do so. This will display your enthusiasm and passion for the job.

Update Yourself

Staying updated about the latest things happening in their field is something that all professionals must do. As Tolkein says, the road goes on forever and hence we should never try to stop improving ourselves. It’s always important to read more and more, understand different styles of writing of great sports journalists, research about sports people and gain deeper insights into the field of sports. Now there are several news websites such as, which have endless coverage of sports and these are all smartphone friendly pages for those who want to catch the news on the daily ride to work. The thing about chance is that it can come anytime and at that moment, you need to hit the ball out of the park.

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