The Best Apps for Rideshare Drivers

The Best Apps for Rideshare Drivers

When you’re a rideshare driver, it’s important to think of it as a business, even if you only drive a few hours a week. As with any business, you want to find the tools and resources that are going to help you maximize your revenue, make the most of your time, and just make things as easy and seamless as possible.

Both drivers and passengers use the rideshare app itself, to connect with one another, see Uber rates or Lyft rates, and deal with payments, but what about apps outside of the rideshare platform?

The following are some of the best apps for rideshare drivers to have available.


SherpaShare is a fantastic rideshare app that’s billed by the creators as the “ultimate rideshare driver assistant.”

SherpaShare has features designed to help rideshare drivers find the best routes to earn the most, and it charts your revenue and profitability. You can also use the Heatmap feature to see where other drivers are, and it will show you the best intersections to be at for earnings.

SherpaShare also features a mileage and expenses tracker, which is perfect for tax time.


Everlance is an app that does automatic mileage and expense tracking, and according to the app’s website, people discover more than $6,500 in tax deductions.

Everlance features include intelligent drive technologically that automatically tracks your trips, single-swipe trip classification and the ability to create PDF or Excel reports anytime. You can also link your credit card or bank account.

Another option for automatically tracking mileage and expenses is called Stride Tax. It can be used not only by rideshare drivers but anyone who drives for work. It helps users not just track their miles, but also discover write-offs that might ordinarily be missed.


Mystro is another app created specifically for on-demand drivers. It aims to help rideshare drivers work for multiple platforms—for example, both Lyft and Uber simultaneously.

One of the most used features of Mystro is the App Switching feature. It makes it easier to control and move between platforms. There’s a Hands-Free Automation feature that lets users accept trip requests, and there are filters to keep out spam requests. There are also service filters for the service that you want to or can drive for at the moment.

The automation features of Mystro are intended to help drivers earn up to 30% more, even while working fewer hours.


Finally, Waze is a navigation and traffic app that’s fueled by input from other drivers. It’s a community-based app where other drivers currently on the road share their own information about traffic and commute times.

Rideshare drivers can use Waze to be alerted before they encounter hazards, accidents or heavy traffic and the maps are edited by local community members. It’s a good app for rideshare drivers because it helps them avoid traffic while making more money and maximizing their driving time.

It also has a feature that lets users navigate the cheapest places to find gas along their route, and members of the Waze community share their updates and input with this as well.

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