Why Businesses Moving Towards Cloud Technology

Why Businesses Moving Towards Cloud Technology

According to Forbes “Adaptability is the key to Entrepreneurial Success”. Business organizations need to keep a track of the prevailing market condition and adopt the best available technology to help them survive the rat race. One such technology is in limelight nowadays i.e ‘Cloud technology’.

Cloud technology in simple words is the computing based on internet. It enables companies to consume numerous resources, such as a virtual machine, virtual phone, storage or application and other such services without having to build or maintain computing infrastructures in-house.

Arrayed are a couple of reasons which will surely induce you to move your business to cloud technology.

Souped up administration

Cloud technology opens up a wide range of choices for assessing, exploring and selecting of applications for the company suiting its needs. A choice of collaboration apps for accounting, messaging, CRM, and other related fields are available once you integrate the cloud technology. There are various enterprise technologies companies can use at a minimal cost. This helps in better technology administration providing a cutting edge to the competitors.

Streamlining collaboration

Cloud technology has resulted in the increment of collaborative productivity of organizations. It comes with the opportunity to work from anywhere and from multiple devices. Team members can access, edit and share data anytime, from anywhere utilizing cloud telephony. In a cloud, all the files are stored centrally. This facilitates real-time updates through cloud-based workflow and various file-sharing apps. This has resulted in the globalization of business making its administration effortless.

According to a study, “ 73% of knowledge workers collaborate with people in different timezone and regions at least monthly”. You can seamlessly do this collaboration by utilizing cloud computing.

Supports cost cutting

For any business to prosper, optimum use of all the monetary resource is necessary. We often see that whatever amount of money you pull in the business, it never turns out to be enough. Cloud technology helps to cuts down the cost of hardware as it comes to a pay-as-you-go service. This makes it highly affordable as its cost depends on usage. Thereby cutting down the cost of overcapacity and idle resources. Studies show that 82% of companies have experienced cost saving just within 6 months of adopting cloud technology.


Scalability is the fundamental promise which comes as a part and parcel of cloud technology. It serves as an idle tool for businesses with growing/ fluctuating bandwidth demands in the prevailing unpredictable market conditions. You can easily expand or squeeze it in the aspect of storage. The Also, you decide the number of users using it and other general computing features. This scalability is doable without a hitch.

Automatic upgradation of software

Technology witness advancement with the passage of every day. Once you have integrated cloud technology you do not need to keep a track of the ongoing software updates. These updates are automatically integrated with your cloud by your cloud service provider. It saves you a lot of time which can be utilized for better purposes.

Promotes work satisfaction

Using the cloud technology you can work from anywhere, with any device. You just need to have an internet connection and you are all set to do your work no matter wherever you are. You can be at a restaurant or at your home or somewhere else and you can utilize the cloud technology to perform your work. This helps in increased work-life balance thus resulting in better satisfaction among employees. According to a survey, 42% of the employees were willing to cut off 6% of their pay by working from home.


When the cloud computing was introduced various questions were raised about the security and loss of data as everything was to be done online. But with the passage of time, we saw that any data in the cloud is highly secure. Furthermore, if any problem occurs with your laptop, you need not to worry about the loss of data in it. All the data can be securely retrieved as it is saved in the cloud. According to a global survey done by Thales and Ponemon, more than 50% of the surveyed crowd trust cloud for the data security and integrity.

In addition, it provides security to other breaches that might occur to business. Namely, power cut, outages in a network, hardware failures, common human errors and so on. Once you have installed cloud telephony looking towards all these uncertainties to the business becomes the responsibility of the service provider. Top notch cloud providers promise you with the better standard of securities, infrastructure redundancies, and best operational practices.

Environment friendly

Moving towards cloud technology not only does a lot of benefits to you but also to the environment. As you scale up or down the unutilized space can be used by other companies which would have been otherwise wasted. So without zero effort, you can contribute to the saving of energy providing your bit to the environment.

No doubt why the global spending by users in cloud services exceeded $70 billion by the year ending 2015. You need to look for a company that can provide the best cloud technology for your business. And you can leverage the best for your organization utilizing the cloud technology. Cloud technology surely serve as a match made in heaven for your business organization!

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