Instagram Marketing: Five Instagram Courses to Improve Your Strategy

Five Instagram Courses to Improve Your Strategy

Instagram marketing is the new kid on the block and has been dominating the marketing field for the past couple of years. Whether you are a new player or not, there is one common goal in this game and that is to boost your social engagement that will in turn increase conversions  for your business.

But, with new updates in the Instagram algorithm, coupled with the impermanence of trends in the platform, it is tough to compete head to head with other brands in your niche. And to think keeping up with the Kardashians is hard! Trying to keep up with Instagram trends is harder.

You must know how to play every role in the field and, of course, to play fair with the “hearts” of your following to score. So, we are sending you to marketing boot camp with these five Instagram courses.

1. Content and Curation course

The first course, is about owning the “hearts” of your audience, and when we say hearts we mean how to gain the likes and engagement. Instagram’s algorithm will always show pictures with the most number of likes in a span of time, on the top of the feed. That is why to up your Instagram marketing strategy, you must know what content to incorporate with your brand.

For $99 USD, Small Talk Social’s Stephanie Gilbert will teach you the trade of content creation and curation in a span of one to two hours. With e-books and video training, Curate/Curate: An Instagram Masterclass for Creative Entrepreneurs will guide you in collecting and sourcing content and also capturing and styling images created exclusively for your brand.

Further Details

The class is divided into two parts, the first is Insta-curate which is about curating the images that are created by other users in your community and what to do with them to match the aesthetic of your feed. Also, this part of the course will also teach you on how you can use your following to create content for you to repost to save time.

The second part is Insta-create which will guide you in making content, styling photos and what app to use to enhance them with just your phone.  As a bonus, with this class, she will also teach you how to use Canva and Trello. For sure, your Instagram aesthetic will be #FeedGoals in no time.

With the talk of aesthetic, a free course in Later, will guide you on how to achieve the feed of your dreams. This second course will help you decide which look best represents your brand.

A 30-minute video training is all you need to design and put together the feed that you want for your business profile. In How to Create your Instagram Aesthetic video, with Taylor Loren and Lizzie MacNeill with other four guest speakers, they will teach you what are the three major things present in a good Instagram feed; how to edit a photo to make your feed look put together; how to collect and source images from your following that you can repost; and also how to plan your posts for the week in just 20 minutes.

2. Hashtag hero

Hashtags help you create the visibility that you want with your brand, but how can one build his/her Instagram empire with the spammy hashtags and the Instagram Shadowban? Alex Tooby’s Hashtag Hero is the hero that you need.

This course complete with video training, workbook, hashtag starter guides and an exclusive membership to Hashtag Hero Facebook group, is only $127 USD.  You do not have to look too desperate with all your hashtags or get confused about how and where to include your hashtags. With this course, you will learn the four principles of the MVPs in having optimized hashtags; three steps in countering the shadowban; and how to make interactive hashtags that you can use with your community.

With this course, you will learn how Alex built her Instagram community with targeted users and what is her current game plan following the Instagram update. Also, this course is only an hour-long. It is really true that not all heroes wear capes.

3. Quick and Free Courses

As your business grows, of course your eyes are not always on Instagram. You should have other aspects of your marketing strategy in the pipeline. If you really want to up your ‘Gram game but do not have the luxury of time and money why not try these free short courses from Craftsposure.

You will learn lessons on how to help your Instagram page thrive. The course includes five lessons each five minutes long spread across in five days—how fun is that! This course aims to help creative entrepreneurs to grow their account with using proper hashtags, creating engaging content with your followers and also beating your biggest enemy—the Instagram algorithm.  This course is also done through e-mail, so you can learn wherever you are with whatever device you can access your e-mail with.

4. For beginners

If you are just starting your business account, this last course is for the rookies and the new players in field. Hold your horses, because with Ready Set Gram, you can start you profile on the right track.

Sue B. Zimmerman’s course is an 8-part program complete with video training and workbooks, posting calendar and also a membership to their private Facebook group. Sue will definitely guide the baby steps of your business account with 8 to 10 hours of course length. And, if ever you have inquiries you can just pop a question in the Facebook group, and they will be back on you.

You can learn all the dos and don’ts, from what you should put in your bio, brand promotion, to following engagement and interaction. In no time, you would be a pro for $297 USD.

5. Free resources

If you have no budget for Instagram courses listed above, you can still improve your Instagram marketing by looking up these free e-books and blogs in the web.

You can get these E-books and PDF—Instagram Strategy Guide, Hashtag Strategy Guide, Instagram Audit Checklist—in Later by just signing up and giving your e-mail address. Blog posts, also from Later, like Ultimate Guide to Instagram Analytics and Instagram Ads: A Step-by-Step Guide to Running Your Own Ad Campaign are also up online.

There you have it folks, just pick the camp that suits your needs and without a doubt, you will be the next Instagram MVP and will be graduating Instagram Marketing with PhD.

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