Want Killer Headlines for Your Content? 4 Unique SEO Tools to Help You

Want Killer Headlines for Your Content? 4 Unique SEO Tools to Help You

Whether you are a novice writer or a blogging cognoscente, to curate compelling headlines for your blog posts or web-pages has been always a perplexing task for you. Isn’t it? Well, it’s quite obvious because headlines are something which entices masses towards the articles. Without a fantastic title, even the most striking articles can go unnoticed!

Moreover, if you just go through the Copyblogger research then you can find that 80% of the audiences look for the headline of your blog and only 20% will read the article until the end.

But, most of the time it happens like being a writer you don’t find the perfect combination of words while starting off an article. And, finally, it ends up with another unattractive piece of work from your end! Also, if your headline is not enough eye-catchy and optimized for search engines then your SEO results can abruptly deteriorate!

So, now you might be getting a question in your mind “How to find the right headline then?”

Well, there are no less than a bunch of various online tools which you can opt for constructing killer headlines for your articles. Sounds interesting? Yes, it certainly is!!

Here is a rundown of the four most incredible SEO tools for writing amazing and catchy headlines.

Have a look!

1 SEO Ranking:

If you’re a blogger and webmaster both then don’t you use the same keyword often instead of going for an in-depth keyword research? But, if you opt for the astounding tool of SE Ranking then you can rather figure out the synonyms easily and make your titles extremely enticing while including those keywords within the same. This tool is simply outstanding for searching unique and trendy long-tail keywords.

The best part of this tool is that it can give you an instant keyword analysis and a detailed statistical figure on selected keyword ideas like competition, monthly search volume, suggested bid and so on. Moreover, the unique database of this tool can reveal a complete set of keywords and numerous headline ideas that you need.

2 Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer

It is a free title generator tool that lets you reach your audience in the most emotional way! This tool successfully analyzes the titles of blog posts or email subject lines and then provides you with an Emotional Marketing Value (EMV) score.

Moreover, Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer is even very easy to use! You can just copy your headline and then paste it into the text box. Once you are done with the step then you would get an EMV score in percentage. Finally, based on the percentage you can alter the title accordingly to make it better.

3 Coschedule Headline Analyzer

Coschedule is well-known for its SEO attributes! And, when it comes to Coschedule Headline Analyzer then it can seriously inspect the headline and give an overall score to your headline which can range from 1 to 100.

This tool is so astounding that it does a successful length analysis while considering the word and character count both. Also, this is not the end! It can even preview how your headline will be showcased in the Google search results and subject lines of emails.

However, if compared to other headline analyzers like Emotional Value Headline Analyzer then this tool even provides various useful tips to the writers like ways to make your headline better, and suggestions on how to become an amazing copywriter.

The most striking feature of this tool is that it is able to keep your past searches and compare your new entries with the old ones to let you see which title is giving you the highest score.

4 Hubspot Blog Topic Generator

When it’s about the marketing world then Hubspot Blog Topic Generator is one of the best offerings of Hubspot. It is very quick and easy to use! The one and only step that you need to take for generating a great headline through this tool is nothing but just typing in up to three keywords that you want to work with and you’re done!

Hubspot will allow you get a clear idea of the five possible best blog-title ideas relevant to the keywords that you’ve entered. Further, if you remain still unsatisfied with the search results of your first query then you can try again to get some new ideas.

And last but not the least…..

Now, you are aware of the perfect approaches to craft amazing titles for blog posts, landing pages, sales pages and what not!

Just keep in mind that your titles shouldn’t be wordy and too long! If you want to stand out from the crowd then a short, sweet, and pinpointed one would be the best.

Now Your Turn

Try these tools now itself and see the difference! Of course, don’t forget to share your experience on how did you feel while using these aforementioned SEO tools for generating commendable titles? Nevertheless, I would definitely love to hear from you about some of your experiences on how to create sizzling titles for contents in the comment section below.

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