Is Your Travel Agency Using a Powerful Online Documentation Tool?

Is Your Travel Agency Using a Powerful Online Documentation Tool?

Since the start of the 20th century, everything started going online. This includes businesses as well, as they were able to increase their overall profits with online tools. While varied businesses from the different industry vertical promptly adopted the trend, travel agencies have only recently started to leverage online tools to boost their ROI.

Travel agencies have a lot of customers that will want to book their rooms or travel routes online, which is why it is essential for businesses like these to use modern software solutions to empower their online efforts. Today, we will talk about knowledge base software documentation tools and how the travel businesses can benefit from them.

Why knowledge base?

A knowledge base is a software documentation tool that offers multiple uses. It can be used for both internal and external purposes. When used internally, a business implements a closed knowledge base that is primarily meant for the employees.

This kind of setup means that only the people working for that organization will be able to use the system. On top of that, it will be designed in such a manner so as to provide employees with all the information they need to do their jobs more efficiently.

Given the fact that many travel agencies cater to niche markets and emphasize on the unique services that they provide, it can sometimes be very difficult for their employees to remember information related to travel packages or products. In such a scenario, an internal knowledge base can come in handy for the employees to have this information at their disposal.

When using it externally, a knowledge base is open to the public. This means that customers can access it and look for the information they need. It is a great online customer support tool for travel agencies. Agencies can implement one on their site where customers can access it and find out every single detail about the packages and services they provide.

Provide people with a self-service portal

Another unique thing about knowledge base systems is that they are self-service portals. So, what does this mean? Simply put, everyone who wants to use this documentation tool can do it on their own.

No matter if we’re talking about employees or potential customers, the only thing they have to do is enter the documentation base and browse through to find what they are looking for. This is a unique way of allowing people to help themselves, without having anybody guiding them through the process.

Nobody has to manage or run a knowledge base. This means that this customer support channel requires no additional support to manage it, which reduces expenses drastically and allows potential customers to do everything themselves, as long as you populate your knowledge base with relevant information.

Creating a good online presence

Creating a website for your travel agency is a good place to start, but implementing a knowledge base on your site can bring you so much more.

A knowledge repository can boost your brand visibility by sharing vital information about your services. Additionally, you can use it to brand your agency and stand out from the crowd. A knowledge management software is an excellent tool for building a customized knowledge bank that is in sync with your company’s image.

The content within your database should follow a specific style of writing and structure so that the reader gets used to it. A travel agency can also offer additional information about their niche and not just talk about their services and products, and this is how it will be able to build its reputation through the knowledge base.

Use knowledge base for sales

Travel agencies need to be good at selling. This is a very important part of this business and, without the ability to sell an experience or a package to potential clients, you won’t get anywhere. Your employees will need to learn how to persuade, negotiate and market all of the services that you provide.

With a knowledge base, crafty travel agents will always be able to give the right answer to customers and prepare themselves quickly by relying on this documentation tool.

On the other hand, the content within the knowledge base can directly be used for making sales. This means that your content should be written in the form of a sales pitch. Although you should provide useful information, some of the content can serve for making sales and attempting to persuade people to try your services.

Documentation tool can help you learn about your audience

It isn’t easy to find out what your potential customers want. Many travel agents make the mistake of stereotyping older people, thinking that they want to go on a calming vacation where they can relax whereas the millennials are always looking for fun and excitement while on a holiday.

This is not always so easy to determine and its essential for a travel agency to know what people want. Especially when you are expert in a certain niche. It’s essential to know these three things:

  • What interests your audience
  • The reasons why they would want an experience
  • What motivates your audience

When understanding these three essentials, you will be able to easily boost the bookings count you get. A Knowledge base can help you achieve this. These databases have comment sections where customers and those potential ones can comment on your services and share their feedback.

Customer feedback is very important and by analyzing and acting on them, you will be able to deliver the things your target audience wants. You can talk to them, answer their questions, and learn about their likes and dislikes. It’s possible to build a whole community on your knowledge base and use it to drive your results.

What’s great about knowledge base systems is that they can be integrated with other valuable tools such as live chat software. This kind of integration could allow you to store conversations with your customers and analyze them to adjust your sales pitch, offer them relevant experiences, and recognize why a conversation was successful or not. Making incentives online is the future and travel agencies should look to utilize on this.

Other useful tools an online travel agency should be aware of

Apart from a knowledge management repository, an online travel agency should consider using risk management, expense management and booking tools to streamline workflows. Here are some of the other online options that every travel agency should be aware of –

– Google Hangouts: There are many travel agencies that still rely on GoToMeeting and/or Skype to do their online video chats but Google Hangouts is a better option.

The call quality is superb in comparison to Skype. The best part is you can have many different people in the call without spending a penny.

– World Time Buddy – This platform can be your best friend as it will let you compare different time zones and find out instantly what time it is anywhere in the world.

– – This can come in handy when you are arranging a meeting that encompasses varied people. Doodle will make scheduling simple and effortless.

– Flight Track 5 – This first-class flight tracking app will let you become a first-call travel agent instantly. By using Flight Track 5, a travel agent will be able to find out about a travel delay and take necessary steps instantly.

This tool will let you handle panicking clients instantly as you can share information instantly.

Summing up

Technology can be a valuable asset for managing and delivering travel agency services in the best possible way. A travel agency will be able to set itself apart from the competitors when it focuses on satisfying the customers.

Working in a travel agency can get chaotic. It is key to choose the right tools because it will let you work smarter. Also, it helps restore order at the same time. In the beginning, it may appear like an uphill task. But by selecting the right tool your customers will thank you. Eventually, you will thank yourself.

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