The Best 10 Inch Tablets in the Market

The Best 10 Inch Tablets in the Market

A tablet is the best piece of machinery to get one’s hands on for entertainment, for doing important business work, and personal stuff. This device is portable and lighter to hold than any other laptop or computers. If you are thinking of buying a 10 inch tablet in the near future, it should not be too difficult a choice to make. Check these 10 inch tablets and make your selection because they are the best of the crop, with the best applications and features available.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is an all round windows tablet and the best of the lot. It features a premium build that is just too awesome, the very perfect LCD screen and processor powered speed. It has a large screen, good at catching all the sharp images with the keyboard included, that literally transforms it into a laptop almost, or at least a good replacement for it.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S is a very good addition to the list in that it has a super vivid screen, very adept at catching all the colors and a pair of speakers on the side that has excellent sound. It’s the perfect tablet for watching movies or videos or even gaming, and is quite elegant to look at with its small built and thin fit that sits on the hand so nicely.

HP Spectre X2

HP Spectre X2 is one of the cheaper ones in this list, but that does not take away anything from its well defined functions, features and looks. With a trim look, this tablet is an intricate and quick machine that takes care of any business with ease. It has been introduced recently and carries quite a lot of upgrades along with it. It is very power efficient as well.

HP Pavillion X2

HP Pavillion X2 is incidentally a hybrid that carries a veritable array of features. This tablet has a HD screen and a strong processor with a long battery life so that it can get through a day with just one charge for fast web browsing and basic picture editing. It is a very nice gadget to catch a movie on what with its HD screen that has no pixelation at all.

10 Inch Android 7.0 3G Tablet

10 inch Android 7.0 3G Tablet is another awesome device that will completely change your experience of having a tablet and turn you into a confirmed tablet devotee. In addition to the 1080p Screen, it also comes with an active stylus, a stand to place it on from any sides and a detachable keyboard. It is flexible and has pretty good and quick connectivity speed.

All of these tablets are an elegant bunch and no one is going to lose anything by selecting one of these to be their first or even fifth tablet, because they are fast working machines and rely on their multiple features. These are great choices to pick from and when it comes to tablets, these are like smaller laptops, and each of these is a win-win situation for sure.

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