Extracting Videos from Any Website Using Movavi Screen Recorder

Extracting Videos from Any Website Using Movavi Screen Recorder

While you were browsing the internet and watching videos on various websites, have you ever wanted to extract and save one of them? In the past you may have been able to find the source of the video that is being streamed and do that, but nowadays it isn’t that easy.

If you want a reliable way to extract any videos from any website, you may want to try Movavi Screen Recorder. Needless to say it won’t technically let you ‘download’ or ‘extract’ the video, but it will let you record and save it from your screen which amounts to the same thing.

Assuming you already have a video that you want to extract in mind, you could try it out right now. Just open up the video on your browser and keep it paused while you launch Movavi Screen Recorder. Next draw a frame over that video to define the capture area, and check the audio source icons to make sure the ‘System Audio’ one is highlighted.

That is technically all that you need to do, and if you’re ready you should press ‘REC’ to start recording. At any time you can click ‘Pause’ to pause Movavi Screen Recorder’s recording briefly, ‘Cancel’ to completely cancel it and lose any footage you’ve already recorded, and ‘Stop’ when you’re done.

When you do click ‘Stop’ Movavi Screen Recorder will save the video as an MKV file. It will also open up a preview window that you can use to both check your footage as well as remove any unnecessary parts. Last but not least you can click ‘Save As’ to save the video in a format of your choice.

As much as the instructions above cover what you need to know about how to extract video from website – there is much more Movavi Screen Recorder can do. If you want you can set it up to record keyboard and mouse actions, adjust the frame rate and other parameters, or automate the recording with a timer or scheduler.

In short you’re likely to find a lot more uses for Movavi Screen Recorder, outside of extracting videos from any website. Still now that you know how to record and save videos, you can store all the content that you want and watch it on any devices at any time without needing to be online.

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