True Power of Magento Ecommerce Development For B2B Perspective

True Power of Magento Ecommerce Development For B2B Perspective

B2B buyer priorities are changing. Influenced by advances smartphone use, personal online shopping, and new trends in Magento eCommerce development, business-persons are looking for new methodologies to engage with their vendors. They are no longer willing to put up with hold times or idle chit-chat when calling to check on inventory levels.


Power of Magento E-commerce

Entrepreneurs do not want to email spreadsheets send back and forth to place an order. And millennial buyers don’t even know what a fax machine is. Rather, they want a quick, convenient experience that offers them to take care of business, day or night, in just a few clicks/ touches. The good news is that it is easier than ever to accommodate them.

Magento provides a clear path forward for B2B companies looking to renovate their customer experience and buying process. It has an all-in-one cloud offering and effective built-in B2B functionality. Magento eCommerce development makes digital transformation fast and cost-effective.

How Do Magento Services Contribute to Bringing B2B Success?

Magento Services provides all the core capabilities needed to create a best-in-class B2B eCommerce experience

– Company Account Management:

This feature helps to support sales to companies with multiple buyers and varying organizational structures. Self-service tools allow customers track their orders, credit, quote, etc. and set buyer roles and permissions online instead of calling, emailing, or faxing you.

– Custom Catalogs and Pricing:

Magento helps you appoint custom price lists and catalogs to companies to confirm unique contract terms are supported online. This ensures that customers/clients always receive contract pricing when purchasing online.

– Quoting:

Businesses can respond to quote requests in a faster way and negotiate right pricing using streamlined online workflow of Magento development services.

– Quick Ordering:

Organizations can make purchasing convenient with quick order forms, requisition lists (saved shopping lists), and seamless reordering process.

– Powerful Marketing:

Magento assists businesses and buyers discover latest products and improve sales with B2C-oriented search, merchandising, and content management tools.

– Mobile-ready Websites:

Magento development empowers sales team to take orders on the go and allow customers to buy from the shop or field floor, with a fully responsive e-commerce website.

– Multiple Payment Options:

Magento eCommerce development offers flexible shopping experience with multiple payment options including payment on account, debit/credit cards, and PayPal.

– Backend Integration:

Businesses can easily integrate website developed using Magento with any CRM, ERP, or other backend system using extensive APIs and off-the-shelf extensions.

– Detailed Reporting:

Entrepreneurs can improve business growth with 75 built-in reports analyzing sales, customer, and product data.

Magento Solution to Support Your Business

Since Magento is open, powerful and feature-rich solution and it is best suited for B2B companies in following ways-

1. Full Spectrum Selling

Businesses now demand both self-service and full-service purchasing options. This means they are looking for a platform that allows them to purchase 24*7, track new orders, order history management, and more. Magento has all these abilities so that business can deliver high-quality services.

2. Personalized Digital Commerce Experiences

Magento Services help B2B companies to run targeted promotions. They make personalized product recommendations for different types of targeted audience. As a result, businesses can offer a seamless experience across channels to provide custom catalogs and pricing to individual customers or groups of customers.

3. Data Driven and Agile Tool

Magento supports various B2B and B2C websites from the same platform. This allows efficient management and a consistently persuasive experience across customer segments, product lines, and geographies. Also, the open source, flexible Magento development services ensure companies can cater any business requirement and comply with complex processes involved.

Closing Thoughts

Competition is really tough in many B2B industries as digital transformation efforts mature and online-only upstarts jump in the race. Also, Magento can help businesses to stay one step ahead with a B2B-centric robust solution and a global network of strategy and implementation experts.

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