How To Make Your Social Media Content More Engaging

How To Make Your Social Media Content More Engaging

It’s all well and good posting content all day every day on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. But unless the social media content you’re posting is of high-quality and engaging, then you won’t stand out and competitors could get ahead of you. Below, we’ve put together some of the best ways to make your content more interactive and help you really speak to your audience. After all, social media is all about communication.

Stop automating your social media

Social media automation tools where you can automatically tweet out new blog posts or news are fine, but they can make your brand appear robotic. At the same time, tools such as Buffer and HootSuite can be bad, as they can take you away from your actual social networking channels and into a dashboard, making you less likely to see trending topics and comments from your customers. If you do have to automate, be sure to keep it minimal, and always check your channels manually at least once a day for comments and questions.

Ask questions 

Asking your followers questions is one of the best ways of engaging them in conversation and getting them to interact with your brand. And those questions don’t even have to be about your business; if you run a fitness club, for example, you could ask questions about your clients’ Christmas plans. You can ask what they had for breakfast that morning. Keep your questions open, wide and general to maximise your chances of audience interaction.

Use polls and other interactive content

Polls on Twitter and Facebook can get your audience talking – particularly if you’re pitting two well-loved ideas or brands together. As well as polls, other interactive social media content can include “comment for X, like for Y”. This will help you get people to ‘React’ to an image or video using Facebook’s options. Also, you can upload video content where users can click which path they’d like to take next. There are so many great ways to boost interactivity and get customers on your side.

Outsource to an expert

Whether you’re too busy for social media or you don’t know what your customers want to see, consider outsourcing your social media to an affordable social media management company like 99social. Not only do they offer packages from as little as £99, but they give you the chance to sit back. And relax, knowing that your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts are up-to-date and ready to roll.

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