Power Your Business with the Best Communication Options

Power Your Business with the Best Communication Options

No business can be successful without effective internal and external communication options. With increased competition for sales and the fast-paced nature of modern society it is important to utilize the best communication tools available. Different companies will have different needs depending on their size and line of business.

Companies which operate mainly online or across jurisdictions may also have more sophisticated needs. For example, a small spa with ten employees may do just fine with a WhatsApp chat group for all its workers but that would be a disaster for a multinational corporation. Some of the things which many businesses should consider are a social intranet, internal communication tools, mobile device applications for engaging customers and live chat.

Social intranets

Well-managed intranets help companies to provide all the information employees need in one location.  A social intranet may feature blogs, discussion forums, social networking and other tools along with the standard text and photo updates. Like the old intranet,

management can share company news and bulletins and inform new workers about the organization. However, communication is not just one-way in a social intranet. The “social” aspect comes in the form of networking tools and discussion forums which allow workers to engage with colleagues and management. According to CMS Wire, all this can actually lead to increased profit because it is linked to employee retention, knowledge sharing and increased revenue.

Internal communication tools

There are several options for internal chat and other communication. These can be located within the intranet or separately. Chat tools recommended by business.com include Asana, Slack, SocialChorus, Uberconference and 8X8. Among these web and phone-based tools are instant messaging, video-conferencing, document sharing and VoIP solutions. You can also use cloud technology like Google Drive for document creation, storage, editing and sharing.

Mobile apps

WhatsApp is not just for family chats and catching up with friends. It can also be used as a way for customers to contact a business in a one-on-one format. Since most people are accustomed to sending text messages, it’s almost second nature to want to contact businesses in this way. Position yourself where your customers are. The good thing about WhatsApp is that it also allows you to share videos and photos in addition to text. For customers who want a sophisticated SMS solution that gives them more options, they can build an SMS app with Plivo that meets their specifications. This includes options for sending bulk notifications to customers and clients and sending them direct download links. These are just two of the options out there which you may want to consider for your business.

Live chat

Having a live chat function on your website can be especially helpful. It provides immediate assistance to potential customers who don’t want to call a hotline and potentially hear a recorded voice. This tool is useful for shoppers who want to be sure what they’re buying will actually meet their needs. Research shows live chat leads to increased sales and can reduce contact center costs. Live chat representatives can handle multiple customers at the same time in a way that telephone operators can’t.

Your business will suffer if you aren’t communicating well with staff at all levels and current and potential customers. Once you’ve assessed your needs, you will know exactly which tools you should put in place first.

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