Smartphone To Control A Drone: Syma X-11 Is Amazing For Kids

Smartphone To Control A Drone: Syma X-11 Is Amazing For Kids

Drones are technically similar to aircrafts; gadgets that can fly up to a certain level. Yes, drones are pretty expensive and there are various types depending on the use. Toy drones are play items that kids love but there are drones that are used for other serious purposes like detecting crime, during war, etc. Toy drones usually do not have cameras, whereas most of the utility drones have camera and video recorder inside.

The Syma x-11 – Best for children

Are you looking for an affordable drone from a reputed manufacturer? Syma is a famous brand from China that manufactures affordable quadcopetrs and their previous models X1 and X5 have been very successful. The X- 11 is the best budget drone mainly for the ones who wish to start it as a hobby, for the beginners. Its features are easy to operate and not very complex, thus amazing for young children. Novices do not know the technique to fly so there might be crashes. You do not need to worry because it’s built from great quality plastic and comes with a soft rubbery and flexible prop guard to prevent the drone from damages.

The blades are screwed and not simply attached to it and this enhances the durability. It has a 200 mah Li-Po battery; it’s very easy to swap the batteries to get more flight time. The charging time is 30 minutes and the drone can fly indoors for 6-8 minutes but if you switch to High mode and take it outdoors, the flight time would reduce a bit. One very rare thing about this drone is that it comes with geared motors that allow more stable flight. There are 4 LED lights on the quad for easy flying at night and proper orientation in the daytime.

The Syma x-11 controller

The most amazing part is that Syma X11 controller is akin to an Xbox joystick. Here are the pros of the controller:

  • Very low price
  • Very easy to fly
  • Can survive crashes
  • Geared
  • Impressive flight time

There is only one thing that might be a turn off that the controller consumes plenty of charge so incase the syma-x11-controller is on charge and you wish to operate the drone, simply connect your smartphone.

Controlling drones with iPhone and smarphones

High-end drones solely rely on remote for controls but the toy ones can fly with just a WiFi, an app or Bluetooth. Yes, you got it right; it’s possible to control your drone with the smartphone.

There are drones that have WiFi router or servers embedded and they send WiFi signal and connects with your iPhone. Drones like syma-x11 and so many other models can be controlled by moving the phone in different direction and this is all controlled by the motion sensors of the phone. Basically you can do a lot connecting your smartphone to a drone and discover a wide range of quadcopter fun features. This is all the magic of technology, kudos to the drone manufacturers.

Some tips on drone flying for kids:

  • Know manual versus auto modes
  • Wind makes a big difference
  • Use the GPS functionality
  • Have extra batteries
  • Learn the emergency shut-down technique

Read the manual well

Do not ever have the notion that reading the manual is outdated. Before operating a quadcopter it makes sense to read and understand the manual well for knowing its operational techniques, preventing it from crashing and knowing all the safety features.

Now it’s time to shop the best drone for your child for more play and more fun!

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