Social Media: The Millennial Hub

Social Media: The Millennial Hub

Many millions of people partake daily, some every second of the day, in social media. With such a variety of platforms to choose from, the average person can select the one that best fits their style like choosing a pair of shoes.

Millennials have the largest stock in social media. About 60% of Instagram users are millennials and Snapchat is a close second with 41% of the vote. YouTube boasts reaching more of this crowd than any cable company in the United States.

So what is it that draws this generation of young people to the social media arena? Below are some ideas on why millennials might find social media a necessary part of life. 

Friends and Family

On our journey through life, there are some lessons that most of us discover along the way. One of them is that family is not just the people you share DNA with. The millennial generation seems to have learned this a little quicker than previous generations.

With the divorce rate over 50%, abandonment becoming more accepted, and social stigmas growing by the day, this generation has grown up more alone than its predecessors. To compensate for the gross lack of steady, loving family members, reaching outside of the typical family for support and acceptance has been a necessary part of socialization.

One of the ways they accomplish this is by using social media. Not only does it help them keep in contact with the friends and family they have, but it gives them access to people all over the world. People they would normally never meet or even know existed. 

Pop Psychology

Millennials are all about being authentic. Transparency is a must if you are to sustain a relationship with a millennial. We could all learn a thing or two from that practice. In doing so, they are constantly adding to the pool of pop psychology that saturates social media.

In their transparent nature, they tend to share any and all epiphanies they stumble upon. Want to know how you should handle your cranky boss? Check your favorite millennial’s posts. You are bound to run into a suggestion or two.

This generation is known for being very expressive about injustices and displays of ignorance, as well. Matter-of-fact, you will be hard-pressed to find a post, snapchat, or tweet that doesn’t express the need for change in a view the world in general seems to deem normal. Social media is a millennial’s soapbox. 


While this generation has dug out a trench in the arena of social media, companies have taken notice of the community they have built with one another and are taking the opportunity that has been offered up to them on a silver platter. It’s a proven fact that 22% of the world’s population are Facebook users. 68% of the adults in the United States are avid Facebook users.

When you consider just those facts, it would be a good sign of a lack of intelligence if you were a business owner and decided not to advertise to millennials on social media.  With that said, be careful. The millennial’s astute judgment and open mind cultivate the talent to smell BS quicker than a bird dog can find a kill.

Want to reach out to a millennial near you? Check out the social media platform near you.

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