Some of the Best Office Wear for Working Women

Some of the Best Office Wear for Working Women

Whether you have just begun or have been doing the daily grind for some time, it is a fact that getting ready for work is a major hassle. A large number of women struggle in the morning because they cannot decide what to wear. You want to wear something that tells people how great you are at your job without actually taking away the focus from your work. This sounds like a very tall order, but it is possible to build a functional wardrobe that can help you in dressing professionally. The choice of clothes can depend on the dress code of your workplace.

Here is a complete guide to best office wear for women, depending on their office’s theme and code:

Conservative Dress Code

In high-powered fields such as finance, business and law, you need to make professionalism your mantra. This means you have to be well-groomed and well-dressed for impressing clients and this requires looking traditional and conservative. Some of the clothing items you will need for this purpose are:

  • A well-fitted suit in a neutral color is the first thing you should get. Pant suits and skirt are both acceptable, as long as the fit is impeccable. When you button the jacket, the lapels should lay flat and the shoulder seams of the jacket should end at the shoulder.
  • You can also get neutral dresses like black, wine-colored or navy that can work year-round.
  • Get at least one or two blazers in traditional colors and shapes such as tweed or black. You can add more to the wardrobe over time.
  • Invest in at least one or two knee-length pencil skirts in basic colors that can be mixed and matched with the blazers.
  • Look for blouses in various colors with interesting details like bows and ruffles or get simple button-down shirts if you want.
  • You have to have classic pumps with two to three inch heel in colors like maroon, black or navy. Make sure they are sturdy and comfortable.

Business Casual Dress Code

This dress code means that you don’t have to wear a suit every day, but it doesn’t mean that anything goes. YOu can see some good business dress options at In addition, it can be interpreted differently for different workplaces. Some items that help women in covering all the bases are:

  • A great navy or black blazer is a must because you can wear it with a dress, black pants or a skirt.
  • You also need to get some nice tops, but it doesn’t mean you spend too much. Get some simple blouses and button-down shirts to help you out.
  • Dressy pants are another item you will need and they can be skinny, pleated, wide-leg or cropped. They can be styled easily with simple blouses or tops.
  • You also need to buy some grown-up jeans as they can work with a blazer and loafers.
  • Simple and clean dresses are also good options for business casual and patterns and colors can be chosen.
  • Ankle boots or cool flats are another addition you should make and they can also be comfortable.

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