iPhone Unlock: Learn How to Unlock an iPhone 6

iPhone Unlock: Learn How to Unlock an iPhone 6

iPhone 6 is one of the best models of smartphones from Apple. This phone is beautiful, sophisticated and packed with so many incredible capabilities. Many people will buy an iPhone 6 from their network service provider through hire-purchase. This is a cheaper way to acquire the expensive phone without paying so much in cash.

The problem with the iPhones that are bought from services providers through hire-purchase is that these devices normally are restricted by some programs so that they can only be used with the service provider. Even after you have paid all the installments and the contract is over, your phone may still not be able to work with another SIM card apart from your service provider’s SIM card.

The good news, however, is that you can go for iPhone unlock today and use it with any SIM card that you desire. Learn how to unlock an iPhone 6 now and enjoy all the freedom to use your phone with any SIM card today.

According to whytheluckystiff.net, there are three ways to unlock an iPhone 6. These are none other than;

1. Hardware Unlocking

  • Hardware unlocking is a way of unlocking an iPhone 6 where you have to alter a lot of the physical hardware of your phone so that it can work with a wide range of other SIM cards. There are people who can hardware unlock iPhone 6 for a fee. Be warned, however, that hard unlocking is a very complex procedure that could destroy your phone completely, especially if done without knowledge. So think twice before you decide to take the risk.

2. Software Unlocking

  • Software unlocking is the second most common method of unlocking iPhone 6 after network unlocking. This method too is complex and risky but not as much as hardware unlocking. It entails the use of some software to unlock the phone so that it can work with any other SIM card.
  • With reliable software, you can unlock your iPhone by yourself. There are several websites that avail these pieces of software for a fee. Once you pay the required amount to the seller, he/she will send you the appropriate software download link which you will need to download the software. Once you download it, read the step by step instructions that come with the software to unlock your phone.

3. IMEI or Network Unlocking

  • The safest and easiest way to unlock your iPhone 6 is through your network service provider. Your service provider has no excuse, whatsoever, to hold you hostage even after you have made all installment payments and contract is over. Simply contact your career and request the company to unlock your phone so that you can use it with other SIM cards too.
  • Normally, they will ask you to provide a few details such as your name, driver’s license number and the IMEI of the phone to verify that you are the true owner of the phone you want them to unlock. After you provide the details, usually the company will either unlock it from their end within 24-72 hours or send you a code, within the same timeline, to unlock your device.

There are only 3 ways to unlock an iPhone 6, namely; hardware unlocking, software unlocking and network unlocking. Of these 3, network unlocking is the safest and surest bet. As long as you have paid all of your dues and the contract is over, your carrier should unlock your iphone within 24-48 hours free of charge.

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