How Many Domains is it Wise for a Business Owner to Possess?

How Many Domains is it Wise for a Business Owner to Possess?

As a business owner, your domain name is one of your most important possessions. Your domain name is the one that visitors to your site punch in every time they come to see you on the web. So it’s a given that you will want to make it as short and memorable as possible. This way, no one has to type in some 30 letter phrase when they want to buy goods from your store. The simpler you keep it, the more memorable it will be. This is the formula you need to follow in order to ensure maximum traffic to your site.

How Many Different Domains Does a Business Owner Need to Possess?

Another interesting question comes up when you think about domain names and just how many you may need to own. Of course, your main priority will be the sites that you establish directly on behalf of however many businesses you currently own. But suppose you want to establish yet another business, or perhaps even a few more? You’ll need to buy domains for these in order to reserve new websites for them. You may not be quite ready yet to launch these new businesses. Even so, you may as well prepare space for them in advance.

Buying Up Domains Can Be Your Secret Weapon for Reputation Management

Have you been having trouble with your reputation lately? You may have made some bad mistakes that have led to a rash of severely negative publicity. Also, you may even have thought about shutting down your business altogether or rebranding it under a new name. You reserve the right to take whatever action is necessary to salvage your reputation and get your business back on the right track. But did you know that you can buy up a host of domains in order to help start the reputation management process without having to hire an expensive team of professionals?

If You Want to Head Off Bad Publicity, Buy Up Some New Domains

The process is not foolproof. However, if you want to head off a further outbreak of bad publicity, why not buy up some new domains for the purpose of helping to bury the bad reports? For example, suppose you expect your enemies or a group of internet trolls to set up some sites that are purposely there to mock your business? You can beat them to the punch by buying up a bunch of “I Hate–” and “—Sucks” names. This way, no one can buy these names and set up a website to mock and troll you.

Buying Up Domains Can Be the Key to Getting Your Business Back on Track

You can definitely buy up “anti-your business” domains in order to keep others from trolling you. Meanwhile, you can also buy up some domains to use in order to spread positive publicity about your business. The more positive publicity you have on the web, the less chance there is of someone punching in your name and finding a bunch of negative reactions. If you really want to restore your reputation, this is a great way to do it. Meanwhile, you can also buy domains in order to venture off into new directions in the business world.

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