You Need To Know The Secret To Lead Conversion

You Need To Know The Secret To Lead Conversion

Sales representatives come from all types of backgrounds. Many enter sales-focused jobs with more experience in customer service. They know how to sell to customers who are already interested. While that’s a valuable skill, in lead conversion and B2B sales, a successful sales team needs a different set of skills. Managing a lead funnel, acquiring new customers, and handling customer retention and win-back should be the focus of any B2B sales team. If they don’t have those skills, it’s time to find them.

A B2B agency can optimize your sales team. B2B agencies are regularly hired to generate qualified leads and keep the lead funnel full, and they work in coordination with your sales team. If you have high-quality leads and you’re still not seeing sales, there’s a skills gap on your team. Sales team optimization is a service offered by the B2B agency 360 Leads and it’s designed to transform your sales team into closers. If you don’t have the right people on your sales team already, train them.

These are four skills every sales team needs to learn to make the transition from customer service to lead management. With lead training from a company like 360 Leads, your sales representatives will know how to handle the sales pipeline created by a B2B agency.

1. Stop Selling the Product

Everyone hates being sold to, especially B2B buyers. They don’t want to be given a pitch that praises a product or a solution they have no interest in. Your sales people need to know how to move from the pitch to the business. When they’re running a lead generation campaign, a B2B agency will help you design your values proposition. They influence buyers by pitching a better business, not just a product.

2. Lead Funnel Management

Effective lead funnel management makes a big difference to sales. Your sales team should be trained to understand the composition of a lead funnel and how to identify those leads that are most likely to convert. Your funnel is also your filter if you know how to manage it. That means it’s detailed, the data is up-to-date and accurate, it flows smoothly, and it’s not overly complicated.

3. Call Sequencing and Sales Mapping

You never make a sale with just one phone call. Your sales team should know how to map sales and the ins and outs of call sequencing. With sales team optimization, they’ll learn how to handle lead follow up, which channels they should use in which sequence, and how to keep the conversation moving forward.

4. Reporting and Analytics

The quality of your data list can make or break the success of your campaign. Learning how to report on the sales process is just one of the benefits of sales team optimization training that will keep on giving. Once your sales team can accurately report the process, they can define patterns and identify them in future leads.

Sales team optimization will improve your closing rate. It’s management’s responsibility to make sure their team has the skills and tools to get the job done and grow the business.

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