Simple Office Improvement Tips for Boosting Productivity

Simple Office Improvement Tips for Boosting Productivity

Where you work is equally important as the work you do. It is a fact that the office environment can have an impact on employee productivity. A well-designed office can actually help in boosting productivity of the work staff by nearly 20% or more. Productive employees means decline in cost and increase in profits. Therefore, it is an excellent reason for businesses to consider making office improvements. Creating a work-friendly environment can help your business in saving money and earning more. But, what improvements should you make? Let’s take a look at some of the top options:

Air quality

Not only is bad air quality going to affect productivity, it can also have a negative impact on your employees’ health. Poor office ventilation can cause symptoms such as fatigue, headache, coughing and more. This doesn’t just decrease the performance of employees, but can also increase the rate of absenteeism amongst them. Therefore, a qualitative ventilation system should be installed in the office

Break rooms

It is not possible for people to work consecutively for 8 hours without getting a break. They will be unable to focus and may end up making mistakes. In this case, they have to have a place where they can go to rest, chat with their colleagues and have snacks and drinks to relax and rejuvenate. This is where the break room comes in. When creating such a room, incorporate elements that can help employees relax like cozy sofas, bright colors and snacks on the table. Workers can take a mental pause and this helps them in feeling rested. They will come back more focused and attentive.


Sitting has become the new smoking and is one of the biggest reasons for employee absenteeism. Back pain, neck strain and leg pain are the most common complaints that employees have to deal with when they sit for so long. To help your employees avoid these problems, you can put in ergonomic chairs and arrange workplaces individually i.e. in proportion of the worker’s body. Standing desks have also become popular since they eliminate sitting altogether. Go through the best standing desk reviews and you will see that they can boost productivity by almost 10%.

Company culture

As far as office environment is concerned, it is the company culture that brings everything together and keeps the atmosphere productive and positive. You need to establish a company culture that would make employees want to work for you and come to the office every day. Essentially, a strong culture means that the staff should have something in common that drives them to work as a unit.


On-site gyms and physical fitness programs have become popular at workplaces for ensuring employee health and productivity. Physical activities are known to enhance creativity, improve concentration and provide other side benefits as well. You can either set up a separate space for the gym or pay for employees’ gym membership so they keep up with their fitness goals.

Making all these improvements in the office will definitely increase your productivity the right way.

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