Top 6 UI Trends For Mobile Apps in 2018

Top 6 UI Trends For Mobile Apps in 2018

Designs move quickly in mobile app universe. A UI/UX design trending last year may not remain in the trend the upcoming year. This makes it essential for the designers to know the latest from the designing field. There is no denying that user experience played a major role in 2017 and year 2018 is going to be no different. As designing matters the most when it is about the mobile interface, I am jotting down the top UI trends prevailing this year.

Content-Rich Experience

Sure, there are plenty of elements to make a product look awesome but the content-rich experience is something that everyone loves. It is going to play a major role in the year 2018. Content is easily accessible and well-curated which makes mobile experience appealing to the users. Developers must consider developing a fantastic interface by adding assorted features of a product by adding an impressive CX (content experience) for the users. Keep in mind to use white space in your content to make it appealing.

Overlapping Effect

Overlapping effect creates a sense of space and that is why it is going to be one of the most trending UI/UX trends for 2018. The effect makes UI designs eye-catching and descriptive at the same time. Overlapping elements in combination with shadows make the mobile interface impressive enough for the users to stay there for long. Overlapping has remained an important trend the last year and it is expected to remain the same this year too.   

Minimal Color Scheme

In case an app has too many design elements, it can create confusion for the users. Creating minimalistic design helps to offer a satisfactory experience to the users. Almost all the impressive mobile apps use the similar guideline for their interface be it the photo-sharing app Instagram or the renowned online marketplace Airbnb. The minimal color scheme is the trend that is going to stay here for long. As they say “less is more” the same implies to the minimal color scheme.

Functional animation

Adding animation to the app elements i.e. to the photos, icons, buttons, and fonts create a positive impact for the users. Such designs offer more positive experiences that are important for delighting the users while they are browsing through the application. The trend is expected to remain one prominent this year also. Micro-interaction meaning interactive design in mobile interfaces helps users to easily communicate with the application even if it is about giving the feedback on the app.

App Interfaces Having Voice-Activated Element

Voice-activated interfaces simplify the app browsing process for the users. Such an element in a mobile app can offer an experience similar to using Siri over the iPhone. Users can easily start or log-in the voice activation instead of click a button. Voice-activated interfaces have remained a prominent part of designing in 2017. These are again going to remain important in 2018 too for the UX/UI designers. Just like voice-activation, finger-activation is another popular trend among designers.

Liner User Flow

This UI element implies to designing the UX experience. This has a specific beginning, middle and the end that takes users further to an app step-by-step. Uber follows the linear user flow that accommodates users about the time a ride will take to complete; thus, adding impressive app browsing experience for the users. This way the particular goal for which a user interacts with the app gets completed easily.

The Upshot

The attractive quotient of an app’s interface is that it must satisfy the particular requirement of the users. By following the tips and tricks illustrated above, the UI/UX designers can work on offering a superb experience to the users. As the world of app designing continues to leap, the designers must embrace the latest UI/UX Designs for remaining in the race.  

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