Top Reasons for Small Businesses to Invest in Local SEO

Top Reasons for Small Businesses to Invest in Local SEO

These days, most small business owners agree and understand that search engine optimization is important. It has become the norm for people to use Google for researching and finding products and services they want to buy. Therefore, it makes sense that the business should try to rank at the top of these search results. But, most small business often overlook local SEO. What is it? Simply put, it is the way of Google pulling up search results according to a geographical area. For instance, people living in Chicago will search for coffee shops in Chicago and Google will give the names in the area only.

Local SEO doesn’t focus on the website like global SEO does; instead, it is more interested in the My Profile page of a business and creates a valuable opportunity for small businesses to market to local clients and customers. Listed below are some excellent reasons why considering Local SEO can be a benefit:

Most local customers use internet to find a business

Local SEO is like the modern version of the old Yellow Pages. Previously, when people were in search of a particular product or service, they would look under the Yellow Pages to see the listed businesses. Today, people make use of search engines like Google for doing a search and they write the term ‘near me’ to find businesses in their specific area. Thus, they are able to get a list of the most relevant businesses offering the items they seek. If you want your local customers to find you, local SEO should be made a priority.

Attract customers when they are in buying mode

When you work on the My Business page for Google and other search engines, you can decide the categories you wish to associate with your business. In addition, you also get to add a description where you can include some important keywords. This can have an impact on the search results for which your business is listed. The best benefit of this is that it gives you control over the type of customers who will see your business page. Most of the customers who will find it are in buying mode, which means they are highly likely to make a purchase.

Mobile growth has made local SEO essential

Those days are behind us when we had to look up a place for dinner or spot for lunch before heading out the door. Now, you can already be out and take out the mini-computer in your pocket in the form of mobile and use it for looking up any destination. This makes local SEO even more vital for a small business because it means that people literally search for a business when they have a need for it. If you fulfil that need, you are going to get a lot of business and this is exactly what you want. BlueLinkSEO, a Toronto SEO company can help your business if you are based in Canada.

Therefore, small businesses should make local SEO their top priority as it can work wonders for them.

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