7 Legit Ways to Make Money Online

7 Legit Ways to Make Money Online

Working from home can be a nightmare for some people, but for others that would be a dream job. And why wouldn’t you like doing business remotely; and make money online? There is nothing better than working from the comfort of your chair or the fact that you get to spend more time with your loved ones.

If you support the idea that working from home is a dream job and you are wondering how to start your online career, here are:

1. Online Surveys


  • Online surveys – this is the perfect and most comfortable way to make additional income, there are many website offering paid online surveys. You can also get gift cards or free products, depends on what kind of survey you are taking part it.



✓ takes few minutes

✓ perfect for a part-time job or home staying moms

✓ you can skip questions, which are not relevant to you

✓ does not require a contract


✗ some of the surveys have location restrictions

✗ you can’t make a living by taking online surveys

2) Offer Gigs On Fiverr

Fiverr.com is one of the most popular websites for freelancers. It is a great place where you can build your profile by creating your “Gig.”

What is a “Gig”? – It is a part of your profile on fiverr.com; it helps you show your skills and provides your future clients with all necessary information. Based on your “Gig” they will decide whether to work with you or not.

How can you create a “Gig”?

  • Login in into fivver.com
  • Click on “Selling”
  • Fill out seller profile
  • Continue with creating your “Gig.”

Having a perfect “Gig” is equal to great first impression, so make sure you’ve put all the necessary effort.


✓ lots of useful information can be found online, which will help you to create your “Gig.”

✓ you can make a career

✓ each buyer must leave you feedback, which is great for your reputation

✓ you can make money, while you do something you love


✗ 20% commission

3) Sell Professional Services On Upwork 

Another excellent website for freelancers is upwork.com, and there the most important part is to create a high profile, take, as much as you can, skill tests and make your portfolio. Showing what you can do by exposing your past projects, is the best way you can gain trust in your future clients.


✓ you can get long-term contracts

✓ you start your career using up work

✓ build long-term relationships with clients


✗ 20% commission for the first billed 500 dollars

✗ 10% commission for lifetime billings between 500.01 and 10.000 dollars

✗ 5% commission for lifetime billings exceeding 10.000

4) Build a Blog

Building a blog seems to be a difficult task for some people, but believe me is not that hard. What you will find interesting is that you can make a good income by creating a blog. If you are wondering how you should start building it, check the link.


✓ will help you get a better writer

✓ you will get immediate feedback

✓ it can help you sell a product

✓ you can collect emails


✗ it is time-consuming

5) Create Video Tutorials On YouTube

No matter if you have some exciting hobby or you own a small business, making YouTube tutorials is an efficient way to earn money.

What do you need to start making a YouTube tutorial? Something interesting and useful to talk about and show how is done.

High-quality camera? It does not seem complicated, right?

  • How will you earn money?
  • Based on number of people who watched your video
  • From advertisements (by monetizing your videos)
  • By becoming a youtube partner


✓ it does not require significant investment

✓ you can find useful information how to make tutorial successfully

✓ you don’t need any SEO skills as Youtube handles that


✗ video editing skills are required

✗ it is not a quick way to make money

6) Develop Educational Courses On Udemy

If you are passionate about teaching and you are willing to put an effort and time, online courses can bring you some good cash.

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