Keeping the Balance Between Your Business and Personal Life

Keeping the Balance Between Your Business and Personal Life

Operating an upcoming micro-business is a demanding task. The hard reality is; if you don’t invest in a large workforce to handle the different aspects of your company, you’ll end up responsible for most of the duties.

Well, this may seem like you’re in perfect control of your company; but in the end, you’ll notice you’re missing the balance between work and family.

Many studies have exposed that a large percentage of startup business owners feel they are focusing more on work than on their personal lives. Well, it’s easy to get absorbed in your everyday tasks. Sometimes you even think that taking a break will slow your success. On the other hand, failure to achieve a good work/life balance will not only mess your personal life but also affect your physical & psychological health; and eventually, ruin your professional career.

So how do you run your company without compromising your life? Here’s a guide.

Set a fixed work schedule and respect it

If you want to ensure you’re on top of things, in both your life and business, then you have to use your time wisely. When drafting a work/life schedule, don’t forget to concentrate on your off-duty needs. For example, if your household holds a family get-together every week, then make sure you leave time for that.

Also, inform other workers of your plans, and let them know that sometimes you won’t be around to handle business matters. Likewise, let your family know specific hours when you’re free to be with them and when it’s time be at work.  This way, you can, without doubt, run your company without compromising the wellness of your family.

Thoroughly utilize work hours

Are you using your work hours to the fullest? Or are you wasting most of it?

If you plan to work from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., then come up with a strategy to utilize most of your work hours.

Start by evaluating how you spend your working hours. Do you waste most of it running around in circles with rather useless conversations or focus on getting the actual job done? How much time are you spending on meetings discussing issues that can be quickly addressed using emails or mulled over at tea break?

Making constructive use of the time you have will ensure you don’t eat into family time. On top, it will boost your startup’s productivity. If there’s need to change one or two things in the office—e.g. its layout— to speed things up, then you can get a merchant cash advance.

“All work and No Play” is No-No!

It’s normal to fear that setting limits to working hours and staying away from duty when it’s time to do so will slow your success. Spending time with your relatives off duty can help you balance between work and life— and in due course lead to better business performance.

Michael Hollis is the founder of First American Merchant.

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