How to Best Capture a Business Event

How to Best Capture a Business Event

Substandard photos on your company website or social media page or even of a corporate event associated with your company, have the uncanny ability to kill the enthusiasm of a potential client. Potential clients need to feel as if they’ve been transported to the event just by the high quality of the photos that your event puts out there for all to see. While all this obviously requires the skills and know-how of professional photographers, it most importantly requires your vision of exactly what you require your photographs to display.

In the case of an event it requires your vision on what you want potential clients to see, feel and envision. This article gives tips and insights on how to best capture events.

Keep the Key Message within the Photography

Random photos will likely cause confusion or take away from the message instead of appealing to the audience. One needs to be very deliberate as to which design of photography you use in order to pass the message that you want to pass across. There are many photo designs to choose from but it is recommended that one uses the ‘Rule of thirds’ in order to capture the perfect composition of the photos. The rule of thirds in photography composition simply means subdividing the photo frame into 3 parts horizontally and vertically and aligning the focal point of the photo into the frame only a third way. This technique makes photos that are more compelling and dynamic yet it’s quite simple at the same time.

Viewing From the Attendee Perspective

During any business event, the photography is supposed to showcase just what the event was like for those who attended and ideally not those who organized the event. In the mind of a potential attendee, the photos are supposed to make them desire to be there and to show them just how much they missed in their absence. Captivating photos will transport an attendee to the venue in their minds and give them a feel of what the business event was like. While doing this is important, it is also good to show the prospective attendee snippets of what was not ordinarily seen, like giving them a behind the scenes preview.

Show Your Creative Side with Event Photographs

Most event photographs are the standard, attendees standing stiffly in line for photos or, of attendees seated while listening to keynote speakers at the event. It is all in order but it doesn’t hurt to get creative every once in a while. Thinking outside the box and capturing photos in a perspective normally not done by most, is a sure way of getting compelling photos that will leave your event the talk of town. This could be capturing the photos from outside window or taking the photos from between the flower arrangements.

Anything that is creative enough to get tongues wagging while at the same time giving compelling photos is good. There are companies like The Photo Team that are events photograph specialists and might offer insights into what one is looking for in their event. Visit to get information on just how creative one can get with event photographs.

Make Use of Natural Lighting

Natural lighting makes photographs look great. There is something alluring about a photo captured in natural light, it comes off as near perfect because more often than not, it will not require any additional editing or touch ups. Camera flashes at times cause glares in photos and at the same time may give the subjects of the photo the much dreaded red eye. All this can be avoided by checking out the room and trying as hard as possible to capture your photographs under natural lighting. It also prevents too much editing which may at times take the natural feel of the photo out of it.

Photography is an underrated but very important aspect of the success of any event. It is therefore very important to invest in quality, professional and timely photography if one is to attract more potential clients or to have a successful event.

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