Which is the Best PHP Video CMS for Creating a Video Sharing Website?

Which is the Best PHP Video CMS for Creating a Video Sharing Website?

Software developers and business with a prospect have initiated ventures which would create a PHP Video CMS adhering to the minimalist budget possible. The fast-developing media industry has dispatched applications which can be featured on smartphones, tablets, and also other tools used for the benefit of mankind.

More than 50% of the entire internet savvy crowd is devoted to watching online videos each day. YouTube with its numerical value of millions and the most outstanding video sharing script has affirmed itself as the best video sharing website in recent times. The content used by these sites in their videos is too attractive which draws in a lot of customers every single day.

A PHP video CMS can be made to work in two ways, one being starting the venture from the scratch with the inclusion of coding and developing. The roundabout is to buy a script which has already been approved and listed for sale over a CMS based platform.

A Content Management System (CMS) is one of the most crucial elements you cannot miss out on if you are looking for such a commencement. You need an excellent video player to launch such a platform.

One of the most well-known platforms for video sharing CMS is StreamTube.

StreamTube, owned by Streamhash is a PHP video CMS containing all the elements of a video sharing site that allows you to launch your own particular video sharing site with immediate effect. It has a productive and adaptable CMS and is looked forward to dealing with a huge amount of data every day.

StreamTube comes up with a video sharing content which can be adapted completely from video input transformation configurations to the layout of the messaging system.

Video CMS such as StreamTube contain a video distributing script with a dedicated admin panel offering more than one input layouts for the benefit of users. The CMS besides being robust and authoritative is also laid out to handle an enormous amount of data.

StreamTube guarantees to generate traffic through certain inclusions while designing the website and also allows the requester to customize the website which would meet their own demands.

With a rooted business ideal, payment gateways and customizable characteristics StreamTube lead the market of the video CMS industry. PHP is the technology over which websites are designed at StreamTube.

Let us discuss as to why StreamTube will rule better than other CMS platforms:

  • Users would be able to manage more than one channel and can also appoint a single admin for its management.
  • Users would be able to upload a lot of videos over their video sharing script using the links provided by the website.
  • The subscription plans being user-friendly would allow you to make commendable revenue from your venture.
  • The SEO in such a venture is so fantastic that the keywords implanted in the video URL easily top the ranks on any search engine.
  • Manageable advertisements according to the user’s choice can also be initiated along with personalization features.

Let us discuss the different areas of expertise of StreamTube.

Endorsement Management

Such a feature of StreamTube is enabled with the vision of making money. It assists the founder of the PHP video CMS to decide the platform it must be displayed on so as to generate healthy traffic to the establishment. Google AdSense is a program which would allow generation of revenue by targeting the ads audiences have to watch while streaming a video.

Subscription Based Platform

Ones depending on StreamTube would also have the audacity to create abundant channels and archive each one of them so that the audience is able to subscribe to a channel according to their will. In case they do not gain interest over a channel, they can momentarily unsubscribe themselves and subscribe back at a later stage in case required.

Economical Strategies

Brand awareness is created by the SEO carried out by StreamTube. An economical SEO which will allow driving organic traffic to a website would obviously allure the ones looking how to create a video sharing website.

Payment Gateways

One using an application triggered by an exceptional PHP video CMS created by StreamTube would be able to make payments from any part of the planet. The payment gateways used here receive payments through credit and debit cards and even online. You will have PayPal as your payment wallet which is a common gateway all across the world.

Some of the technologies used by StreamTube are:

  • BOOTSTRAP – For the front-end layout.
  • NGINX SERVER – For video streaming.
  • DIGITALOCEAN – Hosting server.
  • STRIPE – Integration of Payment Wallet.
  • REDIS server – Video compression and resolution fixation.
  • PAYPAL – Payment Gateway.
  • LARAVEL 5.0 – Backend operations.
  • MYSQL – Data saving.
  • SMTP – Email

The information stated in this post is enough for you to create a video CMS without any hurdle with the aid of StreamTube. Do not empty your pockets just by creating a video sharing website. Rather, believe the best options available in the market and soon you will experience fans going nuts about it.

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