Is Conversion Rate Optimization Really Important for Your E-commerce?

Is Conversion Rate Optimization Really Important for Your E-commerce?

You have already taken care of your search engine optimization. You give the desired importance to image optimization on your website. You have also optimized your website for small screen viewers. Now, is it really important to be worried about conversion rate optimization?

The visitors coming to an e-commerce site are already in search of a product. If you are offering that product at a reasonable rate, the leads will automatically convert. That is what you are thinking, right? Think again, because you are absolutely wrong! A majority of e-commerce entrepreneurs believe that unlike other websites they don’t need to give much importance to conversion optimization. But, the reality is different. E-commerce sites need conversion optimization more than any other business.

Let us tell you the reasons that make conversion rate optimization important for your e-com website so that you can adapt it into your business to get an edge over the competitors.

The online market is over-crowded with your competitors

The first and perhaps the most important reason that makes conversion optimization a necessity for you is the cut-throat competition in the online market. Most of the visitors visiting your site, for sure, are ready to spend money on the product you offer. But, they know it very well that there are many other e-commerce websites offering the same product (maybe at a lower price too). Customers are the rulers of the market, and, they have learned the art of making smart decisions very well. So, you cannot expect your leads to convert only by offering a product they wish to buy. You need conversion optimization to hold the leads and get them converted into returning customers.

The cost of digital marketing is increasing rapidly

Any business, today, can get lost in this huge ocean of competitive market. It is the marketing and advertisement that keeps you afloat and visible to your target audience. And, it’s no secret that each of digital marketing techniques is getting costlier every day. This is simple economics – a rise in demand pulls the price in the upward direction. You must note that neither the digital marketing is going to be ineffective nor the price is going down in the foreseeable future. So, you don’t have any option other than going with the flow. But, you can take a smart decision of implementing conversion optimization in your e-commerce business. This will not bring down the price you need to pay for marketing, but, can definitely increase the rate of conversion of the leads generated by your marketing campaigns.

The attention spans of customers are shortening

Many psychological research and studies have proved that the overall attention span of the entire human race is decreasing. An average person visiting your e-commerce site will come with the attention span of 3-seconds to 8-seconds. This means you have got only 3-seconds to lure the customer into buying product from your website. If you fail to perform in those initial 3-seconds, the lead will bounce out of your site, and, you’ll lose your prospective customer. What can you do to hold those leads generated by advertisement and convert them? Could your business benefit from marketing services such as ecommerce conversion optimization from Stray Digital? Obviously, it can! Agencies like Stray Digital are working extensively for conversion optimization and you can definitely get benefit by using their services.

The affiliate marketers have lots of options other than you

If you are into e-commerce, affiliate marketing will not be a new term for you. In fact, you might be getting good percentages of lead from your affiliate links. The individuals, who give your website’s link on their website or blog, do it for a reason… they want to earn their commission. Once the affiliate marketers send traffic towards your site, it becomes your responsibility to convert the traffic. If you fail to do so it will affect the affiliate marketers too. Once the affiliate marketers track the result and find that your affiliate link is not bringing expected commission to them, they will easily move towards your competitors. You already know, you are not the only option in the market. The affiliate marketers can easily backlink your competitor replacing your affiliate link. So, you definitely need conversion rate optimization for your e-commerce.

Once you implement conversion rate optimization into your e-commerce, all your marketing and advertising efforts will start bringing more effective results. SEO is imperative, but, it alone will not be adequate for an e-commerce website. You’ll need CRO to leverage the full benefit of your SEO and other efforts.

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