Dell XPS 13 (2018) Review: Specification, Price And More

Dell XPS 13 (2018) Review: Specification, Price And More

How dependent are we on our computers today? From writing a school essay to everyday work at the office, computers are a mandatory requirement everywhere. With the rapid growth of the internet, we are more connected with each other more than ever before and this connectivity allows us to seamlessly collaborate even from our home. But the days of old bulky desktop PCs are at their dusk and smaller, lightweight laptop computers have replaced them for most us. Talking about laptops, there are very few series which are as famous the Dell XPS series. Renowned for their exceptional design and state of the art hardware, the Dell XPS 13(2018) is the newest addition to the famed series and using tata cliq promo codes you can get this sensation for a heavily discounted price.

Dell XPS 13(2018) detailed specification and analysis

Dell is surely not a company that provides you huge specs at a small price but for its relatively bigger asking price, it gives the user a solid, beautiful design with hardware to match every need of the customer.

There are many things to look out for in the Dell XPS 13.The brilliant design, the eye-popping display, the 8th gen processors are some of the features that the XPS 13 boasts.

You can always uniquely identify an XPS by simply looking at it. The design is not a copy of Apple MacBooks as we’ve seen in some of the other laptops but it is an original brilliant design and it really sets the XPS apart from others.

Dell XPS 13(2018) display

The Dell XPS display is a work of art. The XPS series was the first series that tried to crop out bezels in ultrabooks, a trend later followed by many manufacturers. In the new XPS 13, Dell has somehow managed to crop the bezels 23 percent more than the already heavily cropped display of the previous generation XPS 13.The display now has an 80.7 percent screen to body ratio.

The XPS 13 comes with 2 different variants of displays. The pricier one has a 4k resolution giving you content with unmatched quality and brilliant colours. In the other variant also, the display is equally great for the given resolution. With its great 1500:1 contrast ratio, you can experience a greater quality of shadows and even HDR content.

The display of XPS 13 is bright enough to allow you to get your work done even when you are on the road. The 400 nits brightness means you can even watch a dark scene of a movie while outdoors. The display also has an exceptional viewing angle enabling you to enjoy your entertainment with your friends and family.

Dell XPS 13(2018) camera

One of the biggest disappointments of the previous generation XPS 13 was the camera and though Dell tried its best to treat the issue, it is still a burning issue. Dell’s efforts to keep the amount of bezel minimum has forced it to plant the camera at the bottom of the screen. In the old XPS 13, the camera was placed in a bottom corner which is now being shifted to the middle in the new XPS 13.

However, that change did no significant improvements over the troubles faced by the old XPS 13 users. The camera still captures your face at a rather uncomfortable angle and highlights your nostrils. Also, if you’re doing a live stream using the camera and also typing something on the keyboard, do expect to see some huge sized fingers in you stream thanks to the positioning of the camera.

The Dell XPS 13 camera does have the ability to shoot HD video at a wide angle. The pictures and videos are not the best detailed and top notch ones but that’s nothing less than what you can expect in an ultrabook. The camera also supports Windows Hello which allows it to authenticate the user using facial recognition technology.

Build quality and body of the Dell XPS 13(2018)

There’s only one word to describe how the XPS 13 looks and it is ‘beautiful’. With perfect cuts around the edges and brightened platinum silver finish makes it look astonishing. We especially loved the Rose Gold edition. This edition features a brilliant alpine white look which is simply amazing. Dell also claims it to be stainproof so that you don’t have to worry about the eventual yellowing of the dazzling white palmrest.

The device is small for a 13-inch laptop thanks to the lack of bezel and weighs as low as 2.67 pounds for the i5 variant. This makes the device easy to fit anywhere and also makes it an easy carry on.

The device is manufactured from a single block of Aluminum giving it ultimate durability. Also, the plamrest which is made of carbon fiber or woven glass depending on your choice gives the smoothest experience but does not compromise even a little with durability. The screen is also covered by Corning Gorilla Glass 4 making it shatterproof and resistant to most types of accidental shocks.

The operating system of Dell XPS 13(2018)

All variants of the Dell XPS 13 comes with 64 bit Windows 10 Home edition single language. It is a bit of disappointment as the 4K edition which is priced heavily was expected to pack Windows 10 Pro edition.

Windows 10 is the biggest update by Microsoft so far. The masterclass combines all the best things from Windows 7 and Windows 8 and adds some unique features of its own. Cortana, Microsoft’s new virtual assistant Cortana works flawlessly with voice commands and its powerful search bar can take you to the depths of your computer in a matter of seconds. Also, its flawless integration with your mobile devices and useful tiles providing most of the information from your favourite apps make it a pleasure to use. With the recent Anniversary edition of the Windows 10, Microsoft has introduced mixed reality and 3d printing which is giving users unlimited creative options.

Touch and sensitivity of the Dell XPS 13(2018)

Only the 4k version of the new XPS 13 comes with a touchscreen display. The touchscreen is flawless and cannot possibly be any more responsive. In the Tablet mode of Windows 10, the device worked perfectly and it is possible to perform every work in this mode.

All variants of Dell XPS 13 also come with a touchpad. The touchpad is precise and is integrated seamlessly with the chassis. The device also features a fingerprint sensor which supports Windows Hello and is integrated with the power button. The sensor also works like a breeze and instantly recognizes the user without the need to input long passwords or pin.

Performance of the Dell XPS 13(2018)

In the Dell XPS 13, you can choose between an 8th gen i5 chip and an 8th gen i7 processor. Being 8th generation products, both the processors give huge computing power ensuring a smooth user experience. The i5 processor comes with 6M cache and can be clocked up to 3.4 GHz while the i7 processor comes with 8M cache and can reach a frequency of up to 4 GHz if overclocked.

The i5 version comes with 8GB LPDDR3 RAM while the i7 version comes with a 16 GB LPDDR3 RAM.8 GB RAM is enough for most of the PC software and with 16 GB you can handle even 2 or more demanding applications at the same time.

No variants of the XPS 13 come with a dedicated graphics card. Instead, they use an integrated Intel UHD graphics 620 GPU which offers very little compared to modern dedicated graphics cards from AMD or Nvidia. So, don’t expect to run high-end games on this laptop even if it has 16 GB of RAM. Simple or mid-range games such as few RPGs can run smoothly but don’t expect to play latest releases by big brands like Ubisoft to run on this machine.

Other specs of the Dell XPS 13(2018)

The Dell XPS 13 uses a primary 52 WHr battery to run its operations. The battery is made smaller to fit into the slim body of the XPS 13.Though smaller in size, the battery somehow gives better performance than the 60 WHr batteries in the previous generation XPS 13 models. You can easily get up to 12 hrs of battery life in the new XPS 13.

With XPS series, Dell has completely replaced the physical hard disk drives and switched to solid state drives. The XPS 13 also keeps up with this tradition and packs up to 512 GB of SSD storage. The SSDs are almost 30% faster than traditional HDDs and are way less suspectable to physical failure. So, when opening apps or multitasking using the new XPS 13, you can get way better performance than a laptop with similar specs but uses a traditional hard disk drive for storage purpose.

There is no barrel like DC input ports or old USB ports in the new XPS 13.The laptop comes with 2 Thunderbolt 3 ports ensuring super-fast charging and one USB C port to connect to all other devices. The Thunderbolt ports also made it possible for gamers to add an external GPU to the XPS 13 and release the true power of the 8th gen i7 CPU it sports.

The XPS 13 uses an advanced cooling system to maintain the core temperature of the system. The “Gore” thermal insulation system reflects the generated heat towards the 2 fans which in turn transfer it outside of the device through the air vents. Though the system is highly sophisticated and uses high-quality advanced materials, the heat dissipation remained quite the same as the old XPS 13.

The price range of the Dell XPS 13(2018)

The new XPS 13 can only be bought from Dell online store and Amazon right now. The i5 edition costs Rs. 97990 at the Dell store while the i7 edition costs Rs. 145990.In Amazon, the i7 edition is priced at Rs. 174999 only. Though not available in other prominent stores such as Flipkart and Tata CliQ right now, be sure to check their websites to find out when these products become available.

Pros of using the Dell XPS 13(2018)

Below are the biggest perks of using the new XPS 13.

  • Beautiful bezel-less vivid 4K display.
  • Amazing design and looks to match your style.
  • Aerospace industry class materials used for added strength.
  • A powerful Intel i7 CPU.
  • Excellent battery life.
  • Up to 16 GB RAM for smooth multitasking experience.
  • Small size and very less in weight.

Cons of using the Dell XPS 13(2018)

There are very few things which we did not like about the XPS 13.Check them out below.

  • Really poor positioning of the camera.
  • There is no dedicated GPU to pair up with the Intel Core i7 processor.
  • No edition of the XPS 13 comes with a Pro edition of the Windows 10.
  • Priced too steeply relative to the competitors.

Expert Critics review

The all-new XPS 13 have gathered praises from all levels of its users including the experts. It’s mesmerising views and stunning battery performance are the main focus of the critic’s praises. Laptop Mag has hailed it as “Still our favourite laptop” while CNET commented “Next-gen performance with same superb design” while reviewing the laptop.

How to buy the Dell XPS 13(2018)

Follow these simple steps to get your hands on the latest XPS 13.

  • Log in to Dell official store or Amazon.
  • Search for the new XPS 13.Be sure to look for the 8th gen Intel CPU to not get confused between the older XPS 13 and the new XPS 13.
  • Choose your favourite variant if you are using Dell official store.
  • Pick your configuration and click buy online.
  • Those who’re using the Dell official website will be redirected to a Dell affiliated website.
  • Choose your address and proceed to pay.
  • Pay using different available payment options available.To get EMI facilities you must use your credit or debit card.
  • Upon successful payment, you’ll receive a mail and an SMS confirming your order.


The Dell XPS 13 is another masterclass from Dell giving you great portability and smooth multitasking experience. It is certainly not built for the Hardcore gamers or high-end software users, but it is made to express its premium style and to give decent computing experience to the casual user. Go for it if you want to get one of the most beautiful laptops out there and budget, inability to play top-notch games is not an issue for you.

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