5 Different Types of Home Security Systems to Consider This Year

5 Different Types of Home Security Systems to Consider This Year

With each passing day, the crime rate is growing unabated, which puts you, your family and your valuables at risk. Gone are the days when you could even leave your home door unlocked without worrying about your belongings. These days, you have to check the entire house to ensure no window or door is unlocked, which can be used by a thief to gain access. Still, burglaries and home invasions happen. So, what can be done? One solution is to install a home security system that can keep your home and everything and everyone in it safe and sound. This way, you can enjoy peace of mind when you leave the house.

The problem is that there are numerous home security systems that you can find these days. There are traditional burglar alarms as well as the more modern monitored security systems that you can choose. If you don’t know about the different options, you can learn about 5 different systems here:

Monitored Home Security System

As the name indicates, this home security system is monitored, which means that a monitored call center is immediately alerted if the system is compromised. A representative at the call center calls your home to ensure it wasn’t a false alarm and then alert the authorities. Previously, these systems relied on a landline, but these days, you can also give your mobile number.

Burglar Alarm System

One of the most central feature of home security systems is burglar alarms. A burglar alarm system is one that comprises of motion detectors and window and door sensors. If these sensors or detectors are tripped, a signal is sent to the primary control pane, which notifies the police and also sounds a loud alarm. A centrally located keypad is used in these systems.

Wireless Alarm System

These are perhaps the most modern home security systems and have become immensely popular. You can customize your wireless alarm systems as per your needs and preferences. For instance, you can choose to have security cameras, motion detectors and sensors installed. Consider HiSecure AHD by Hisecureusa.com when choosing cameras; it is most popular nowadays. These devices are wireless so you can easily install the system, but it does needs to be charged frequently as it operates on batteries.

Smoke and Medical Alarm System

A smoke alarm system is one that provides your home with protection against fire and smoke. It includes a series of hardwired and wireless smoke detectors along with strobe lights. An in-home sprinkler and a smoke and heat detector can also be installed. A medical alarm system, on the other hand, is designed to alert your home security services of any medical emergency so help can be provided instantly. This is an excellent system to have when you have kids or elderly parents.

Critical Alarm System

These are the alarm systems designed to protect your house against any leaks, even those that remain undetected. In this way, you can avoid high property damage. Furthermore, these alarms are also effective at monitoring your heating and plumbing in your absence and your security services are notified immediately if there is a problem.

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