Everything You Need To Know In Airplane Accidents

Everything You Need To Know In Airplane Accidents

Most people think and believe that airplane accidents are unsurvivable events. Especially with the common news and movies we have watched, it has made us believe that it is a complete disastrous moment. On the contrary, that is not the case. For over a decade now, analysis from different research has disclosed that air travel is the safest of all means of travel. Although there are one or two incidences where everyone perishes, the survival rate is usually at around 95.7%. This article outlines everything you need to know in an airplane accident.

Leave Within 90 Seconds

As the key ingredient to surviving, you have no reason to lag behind. If you are lucky to remain alive, ensure that you leave the accidental scene within 90 seconds. The afterward engulfing fire is what kills most passengers, therefore, if you get a chance ensure that you use it appropriately

Stay Fit

According to recent studies, chances of surviving an airplane crash are usually determined by an individual’s level of fitness. This, according to the aviation accident attorneys, is in terms of factors such as age, health conditions, and at times gender. During an accident, it is your speed that will save you, which is something that unfit individual cannot achieve.

Consider the Five Row Rule

The sitting position you take in a plane matters a lot when it comes to accident issues. According to research, the back seat is usually safer compared to the other positions. Plain crush occurs in different ways which can be tail first, wing first, or nose first. The rare one, in this case, is usually the tail first hence the backseaters are safer.

Put You Oxygen Masks Immediately

It is the best way to survive the airplane crash as it gives enough oxygen supply. A slight hesitation will not only give you mental impairment but also affect you as a whole.

In summary, airplane accidents can be confusing, but in case you have kids ensure they are the first to evacuate. It might be hard since people are usually confused and always thinking about their belongings and their own survival. However, implementing this few tips and planning well earlier can lead to good results.

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