Guide on How Presentation Skills Affect your Leadership

Guide on How Presentation Skills Affect your Leadership

Being a leader means the spotlight will always be on you. This comes with the responsibility of always being beyond reproach. Your mistakes, as well as your successes, reflect heavily on your entire brand and that is why you need to work on your presentation skills. Most people judge a book by its cover, yes, they say if the inward is beautiful, the outward does not matter but this is not always the case. The way you present yourself in the first moments of meeting a potential client or investor goes a long way in building a successful relationship or not.

Many presentations take place in the workplace, from meetings to discussions. When you represent a team or brand as their leader, you need to sharpen your presentations skills to ensure you get what you need out of a presentation. You can do this by learning about how presentation skills impact your leadership. Presentation skills determine a good leader through the following ways:

Your Audience

You cannot effectively prepare for a presentation if you do not know the type of audience you will be talking to, demographics matter. This will enable you to structure your words in a manner that matches your audience. Young people, for example, prefer informal settings, as they are not big on protocol while older people prefer to take things seriously hence knowing your audience will help you plan and execute your presentation effectively.


A presentation is not something you wake up and do without a plan for you will fail miserably. Plan your presentation in an organized manner. Note the important issues that need to be addressed so that you do not leave out anything vital. You can also practice your speech, which will keep you calm and focused. Preparing for your presentation will guarantee you success.


As I said earlier, a good leader should be beyond reproach. Your delivery should be excellent to ensure that people know that you understand everything you are sharing with them. It is not just about saying something but saying it properly and eloquently. Your tone should be friendly or harsh in the right places. Know what to emphasize and what to avoid in your presentation. You can add some humor where necessary to lighten the mood as long as you note that your audience is glued to your presentation.

Emotional Connection

Nobody likes a leader that is uptight, a leader that has zero emotional connection to his or her audience. When you have a presentation for foreign investors, you should try to find something that you can both share, that will connect both of you emotionally. For example, if they are from Japan, serve them their favorite breakfast cuisine and alter the setting of the conference room to make them feel at home. This will show the clients that you care about more than just your project.

In conclusion, your presentation skills greatly determine what type of leader you are. If you want people to listen to you, respect you, trust you and work with you, you should present your ideas to them in a proper manner. Polish your presentation skills and reap the benefits of good leadership.

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