Here’s a Helpful Guide to Starting a Handyman Business

How to Start a Handyman Business

Are you looking to start a handyman business and you are wondering where to begin? This should not stress you out because you have several ways you can establish a successful handyman business. All you need is to understand the requirements you should satisfy for the business to run as required.

To help you get started, here is a guideline on how to start a handyman business.

Get a Business License

The first step is to satisfy legal requirements that demand you get a license for the business. Pick a good name for the business and ensure it’s not taken already. Once your business name is registered, you should print the license forms and keep them for reference whenever needed.

Buy Business Insurance

It would be risking a lot to run a business without insurance. Emergencies may occur any time and you may get the loss when your accounts are not in good standing to restore damaged items. It does not have to cost you a lot to get insurance as there are plans that offer you as low as 800 dollars annually. Some clients believe the best plumber in Smyrna Georgia should be insured against risks that could happen while working in their premises. An insured handyman business will not put claims on the client in case of an accident and someone is injured or property damaged because all that is covered by insurance.

Buy or Hire a Business Truck

Depending on your budget, you can buy a business truck. If the budget is low, it is wiser to hire one instead of buying. A track will help you haul tools and equipment in the course of serving your clients. Note that you don’t need to get a new truck if your budget is low. Even a used one could do as you work to build your business.

Buy Tools Required

There are tools needed in a handyman business that you should get to ensure your duties are performed seamlessly. Make sure to avail the most essential tools and if your budget is not big enough, you should give priority to the tools that your business cannot survive without. You can buy the rest later when you have enough to invest. Check for tools online, probably used ones if your budget is low. Craigslist offers you a good place to shop for such deals.


Once you have set up your office and bought all the needed equipment, you should reach potential clients. Advertising is necessary to tell people about your business and get them to see the services you offer. Tell them why your business is unique from the rest. You can use sites like Craigslist or even social media platforms like Facebook to reach clients. Also talk to property companies in your area to see if you can strike a deal in which they will give you links to clients.

Starting a handyman business is possible if you can learn about the things that will help you run it smoothly. You need to satisfy the requirements of the law and get all the tools you need for the business. Don’t forget to engage proper marketing that will help to take your business out there to clients.

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