How To Hire A Vacuum Excavator

How To Hire A Vacuum Excavator

The beauty of vacuum excavation is that it’s all about working smarter, without working harder.  Of course, there is still an imperfect human element to the process, which is why you want to make sure that you hire the right people for the job.

Following The Rules

We all know that hand-digging can be inefficient and expensive.  However, this doesn’t always mean that vacuum excavation is the suitable answer.  Sometimes, you may hire a vacuum excavation company that doesn’t do their proper research, or a company that hasn’t properly trained their employees.  First and foremost, you should do your best to check company reviews or ask around locally to ensure that the company follows protocol.

This often means attention to detail.  The company should be environmentally conscious in terms of knowing about buried lines and cables and avoiding utility lines.  The last thing that you want is to have all of the money that you saved immediately gone because an excavator irresponsibly damaged a line that he didn’t know was there beforehand.  Sometimes, the workers need to know what to remove – whether it’s material around tree roots or sedimentary basins – and that may separate one company from another, as the more professional company is the one to choose.  There are many vacuum excavators for hire, but not all of them are capable.  This is important to remember.


There are many different kinds of hazards, of course.  This also applies to driving a vacuum tank, as well.  Consider a crew that decides to start driving a vacuum tank that is half full.  Well, there is the possibility that the water can begin to slosh in the tank.  This may not be an issue to the common person, but one must remember that sloshing water can affect the way that a vehicle moves.  What if the water sloshes so much that it causes crew members to lose control of the vehicle, and crash into a civilian vehicle?  It is extremely easy to see how while vacuum excavation as a process may be the choice to go, that this crew wasn’t properly trained for the job, and as a result, the jobsite and job itself have suffered, without even mentioning the damage to reputation.  The same kind of situations can arise when workers do not wear properly insulated clothing, and thus end up receiving electrical shocks.  These are examples that prove how much following protocol can affect a job.


Another important aspect to remember is to know whether a company owns or rents out their vacuum excavation devices.  As a result, you may be able to bargain the price differently.  It doesn’t take a financial genius for someone to realize that renting equipment is ultimately more expensive, and that the cost is passed on to you.  Try to find a high-quality provider, such as ADP Group, who have a good reputation, but offer prices within reach. There is also a possibility that a company that outright owns the equipment you need also has more experience with it, and thus may complete the job more professionally, which isn’t guaranteed, but could be a possibility.

The bottom line is that there are many angles to consider when hiring your next vacuum excavator.  Hopefully, you find a professional crew that gets a quality job done at a reasonable price.

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