5 Innovative and Offbeat Tips for Starting a Food Business

5 Innovative and Offbeat Tips for Starting a Food Business

The food industry has seen an unexpected boom in the last few years. From cuisines from all around the world to pet friendly cafes, tons of new places have come up, catering to various kinds of food business eaters. If you looking to make your big break into the food industry, your food business startup has to be incredibly unique to stand out from the crowd. Here are some trendy ideas you can look into.

Traditional twist

Give your restaurant a traditional twist with a tribal or exotic menu. If you opt for such a spread, do a research on cuisines available around your area so that you can offer your guests something exclusive, which no other restaurant nearby has. Pick the menu carefully and ensure that your food has a level of authenticity. Hire chefs from the particular culture to guide you well. Make sure the decor matches the cuisine. Give your guests an authentic feel so that they keep coming back to you for more.

Innovative plating

The way you serve your food says a lot about your restaurant. Unless you want your start up to be just another diner, do not choose the cheapest utensils off the rack. Go for something which will stun your guests or even better, find cool alternatives to your regular utensils. Serve your juices, cocktails etc. in mason jars or old-timey milk bottle style glasses. You can also serve your food in custom styled utensils which look like other objects, like glasses which resemble light bulbs, or dessert bowls resembling shopping carts, etc. You can serve drinks or desserts on cold blocks of stone which will keep their food or drink cool so that they can savor their food slowly. Make your food a performance so that guests are wowed by your presentation.

Build your food

Building your own food is a huge rage. It is especially popular with picky eaters who can choose exactly what goes into their food. Parents of young children also love this concept as children are often very nitpicky about their food. This gives them a chance to pick out what they want. Moreover, even adults find it exciting to choose what and which piece they want. This not only gives people the freedom to eat their food just the way they like, it also brings out a child-like excitement in them. But there is also a secret advantage for you. This reduces your expenses by reducing wastage. Since people can choose the items as well as the quantity, chances of them wasting their food is minimal and hence, you save up quite a bit on the expenses there.

Engage your guests

Make dining an experience by engaging your guests. You can include fun activities which go with your theme. Ranging from miniature games for a sports bar to chalkboard walls for doodling at your cafe, give your guests a reason to come to your restaurant, other than merely the food. You can also do some fun barbecue activities together, which will help you weave some nice food memories together with your patrons. Invite people who have an undying passion for professional barbecue and allow them to recite their most memorable childhood barbecue memory. This will help you to have a heart-to-heart connect with your customers, while allowing them to relish your food completely.

Innovative restaurant

There are plenty of conventional restaurants around so you need to ask yourself what makes your start up stand out? You can choose an innovative idea for your restaurant to make it unique. You could go for a mobile restaurant in your van or maybe even a boat. You can also choose a very unique idea if mobile restaurant is not your cup of tea. For example, you can have swing sets or bean bags instead of regular seating. You can also make the entire restaurant revolving, to give the guests a 360 degree view. Arranging your restaurant, its food and decor, based on a unique theme would also be an excellent choice. You can base your theme on an era, culture, TV show or even fandoms.

In these highly competitive times when simply good food is just not enough, you have to go the extra mile to make your food start up stand out from the crowd. So start planning today!

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