How big is Social Commerce?

Social Networking Platforms and How They Work With eCommerce Gateways

With the commercialization of the internet three decades ago, ecommerce was introduced and it revolutionized the shopping experience. Since the internet has no boundaries, a whole bunch of companies started using it for marketing and sales, as people from every part of the world got the option to buy products.

Evolving constantly – that is probably the best characteristic that technology has. The switch from traditional to modern advertising began with the emergence of modern social network platforms.

After realizing the true potential of the so-called social commerce, huge companies started using them with eBay or Nike being some of the most prominent examples, even though each company approaches social media in a completely different manner. The customers state they follow brands on social media in order to find out more about promotions and discounts, and the latest production information.

The biggest marketing space that social media has become can have a big influence on the “online audience,” and that is one of the reasons why companies are using it. Another reason is its cost efficiency. While companies are paying for their products to be advertised, the customers are doing that for free with the everyday content they create and share on their profiles.

There are many facts that show just how big social commerce has become, and you can take a look at them in the infographic below:

Social Networking Platforms and How They Work With eCommerce Gateways

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