Impact of Technology on the Manufacturing Industry; How Different Products Evolved

Impact of Technology on the Manufacturing Industry; How Different Products Evolved

The boom in information technology has changed the way we do things. Everything from shopping to studying to communication is now different. Technology has also affected our business world and industries. It has brought a massive difference in numerous industries such as retail, banking, healthcare and manufacturing amongst others. Not only has technological advancement changed the processes, but has also brought about a difference in products and offerings. One of the industries that has undergone the biggest advancements is the manufacturing industry. The design and manufacturing process, the workers and employees and also the products have been altered drastically.

Here are some of the most notable ways in which different products have evolved in the manufacturing industry:

Mobile phones transformed into smartphones

There was a time when people referred to big, bulky devices for making calls and sending messages as mobile phones. However, with innovation and development, mobile phones have now transformed into the smartphones we use today. While some smartphones are still big, they cannot be called bulky and are made up of some of the highest quality materials. Furthermore, these smartphones are capable of a lot more than phone calls and messages. With your smartphone, you can take pictures, make videos, shop and even manage a business.

Desktop PCs have been replaced with laptops, notebooks and tablets

While desktop PCs may not have been fully eliminated, they are far and few since the introduction of laptops, convertible notebooks and tablets. Again, they are lighter and more sophisticated versions of desktop computers and pack a lot more features and power. Plus, you have a lot more variety available when it comes to laptops and tablets and they offer you portability that you cannot get with desktop devices.

Regular watches have evolved into smartwatches and sports watches

There was a time when you only used watches for telling time. As far as sports watches were concerned, these were either stop watches or pocket watches. But, technology has had its impact here as well. With companies such as, regular watches have now been replaced with smartwatches that can perform a wide array of functions as you can connect them with your devices. Likewise, the sports watches available today can tell you not just the time, date, day and year, but can also provide additional details such as heart rate, respiratory rate and a lot of other information. Moreover, their appearance has also gotten more elegant and stylish with new, quality materials being developed.

Box TVs are foregone in favor of LEDs

Do you remember the time when there was a big, black box on which you watched your TV programs? Thanks to technology, you have sleek, shiny and thin LEDs on your walls that enable you to watch your favorite movies, shows and programs in the best quality. Moreover, most of the LEDs available today can be controlled via touch and voice and you don’t even need a remote control like you did with your old TVs.

Smart lights, digital cameras and other connected devices are just some other examples of how technology has changed the products of the manufacturing industry.

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